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If You Compensate Onitsha Fire Victims, I’ll Stop Opposing You, Omokri Promises Buhari


Mr. Reno Omokri, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan has promised President Muhammadu Buhari that he will change his views about him, stop opposing him, and destroy his “Buhari Tormentor” cap and wear a “Buhari Supporter cap”.

Mr. Omokri announced this on his Twitter handle on Thursday.

He tweeted: :Dear General @MBuhari, I give you my word that if you compensate those affected by The #OnitshaMarketFire I will stop opposing you and will change my views about you. Not only that, I will destroy this #BuhariTormentor cap and wear a #BuhariSupporter cap.

“I beg on my knees!”

See tweet:

In another tweet he wrote:

“Dear General @MBuhari, the #OnitshaMarketFire is an opportunity for you to show love to Ndi’Igbo. I appeal to you to compensate the traders who lost their livelihood. This will go a long way and will show us that you indeed love those of us from the SE and SS. God bless you sir!”

Speaking generally about President Buhari’s perceived frosty relationship with Igbos, and failure of governance of the Governor Willie Obiano government, he wrote:

“Ndigbo are marginalised under General Buhari. But some of their marginalisation is self-inflicted.

“How can Onitsha Market, reputedly the largest in West Africa, not have a full-fledged fire station? That is not Buhari’s fault. That is Ndigbo’s FAILURE!

“Ndigbo, like Jews, are a marginalised people. But not all their suffering can be blamed on marginalisation. Some comes from failure of leadership.

“The Onitsha Market fire is a perfect example. Every trader there ought to have INSURANCE. That they DON’T is not Buhari’s fault

“The Onitsha Market fire takes my mind to Nnewi. Nnewi doesn’t depend on government. They build their own road, school, and yes, fire station.

“Obiano/Buhari have their share of blame. But what about Onitsha Market Traders Association [OMATA] who collect levy? Can’t they learn from Nnewi?

“My sympathies to all who lost life and property in the Onitsha Market fire. But my priority is to ensure this does not reoccur.

“We must ask how this could have happened and how we can ensure it does not happen again. Or it will reoccur. Accidents don’t happen. They are caused.

“Finally, I call on Anambra State government to take responsibility for its failure, not by Governor Obiano visiting the venue of the Onitsha Market fire, but by first, PAYING COMPENSATION to all those affected, and secondly, by ensuring all markets have a functional fire station.”

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