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Ifeanyi Ubah, a crowd puller By Ifesi Andy Muoneme

The way Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is going with his private policies, if election is conducted free & fair in Anambra today, he is likely to beat Obiano hands down!

I have never been a fan of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah until I was engaged on social media debate and argument with his SSA on media Ikechukwu Onyia who is my very good friend. 

We argued for the good of our state focusing on the cosmetic and showmanship style of governance in Anambra, tackling the current government of Willie Obiano and his aides on our media platform “ANAMBRA PATRIOTIC VOICE” founded by Prince Nnamso Nwafor Orizu.

As we proceeded with the debate, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah himself joined us on the debate, it was fun because we fully engaged him and at a point he asked for us to be calm because the house/group is becoming heated with hot arguments from the two side the “FEW” pro-Obiano and the “MASSIVE” anti-Obiano. 

But we ignored his request kind of, but later abided by it and remain calm for almost 2hours for him.

Feeling the impulse of the restive youths of Anambra state on the way governance is taking shape in the State, he now requested for one on one with us, the Anambra Youth leaders on social media platform.

I was skeptical honoring such Invitation, but later changed my mind to do so after so many considerations. I left with my youth media partners and crew.

Reaching Nnewi, it was like almost all the youth media leaders were on ground. 

There was massive youth media movement, like the famous Franklin Onwubiko, Muruakor Emmanuel, my own Martin Beck Nworah and even Pro-Obianos likes Amb Adichie, Emeka Odionu were on ground. 

We exchanged batters with most of them even those that vow to carry out the FIRST LADY SLAP against me on her behalf. 

Expecting to see a controversial giant but end up seeing a little brat called “Muoneme” on APV platform and social media. It was like a media re-union anyway.

The media chat commenced fully by 8pm after we joined Dr Ifeanyi Ubah on his request to his stadium to watch his football club play against Akwa United. 

To the glory of God, they trashed Akwa United 2-0.

One thing I observed is that Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is not only building a cult fellowship of Youths but also becoming an enigma to Anambra Youths. 

With the way things are going now, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah will become what Buhari is to the north.

Not even about his wealth, not even about his influence, but about youth precedents he is setting in Anambra. For him youths first before any other thing.

Three thing I love which he did during the interactive session was:

1. He cleared his name from many propaganda and scandals used against him.

2. He opened his mind to receive insults and criticism even when he receive one hot criticism in APV from me when the chat was ongoing and I told him that he speaks from both side of his mouth.

3. He was able to bring everything before the youths to see clearly.

One thing also that is making Dr Ifeanyi Ubah a unique fellow is that in the entire social media platform he found himself as a member especially on WhatsApp group, he participates fully and never shy away; he is ready to engage you for one hour.

This has become his style and made him reachable to Ndi Anambra Youths.

Even when there was a slap threat from the state government against my person he was fully on ground as an observer.

I never worked for or even support Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, neither did he give me any special stipend to say this but I must be frank to you all by saying that the way Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is going with his private policies, if election is conducted free and fair in Anambra today, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is likely to beat Governor Willie Obiano hands down!

What he has achieved in the state as an individual surpassed what the government has done for the last 2-3 years, the record is everywhere for all to see.

No matter the political party or platform he finds himself today, he is creating a sort of the type of cult fellowship President Buhari created in the North.

Coming to the online media house, Anambra Patriotic Voice (APV) were all the top shots in Anambra state beginning from top to the last are members in the society, he has distinguished himself by participating fully with the members and will even engage you privately when he sees that your blood is quite hot on issues. 

But none of our top shots has ever found it worthy to participate except the former Governor Chukwuemeka Ezeife, the Okwadike of Igbo Ukwu who even at old his age is active on WhatsApp media group!

Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is not only becoming a house hold name but the epicentre of Ndi Anambra youths.

Another important thing he said was that even the BUHARI he worked against doing campaign at the end paid him 11 billion naira subsidy fund Jonathan and Okonjo Iweala owed him regardless he campaigned for Jonathan

Below are some of his media chat quotes on the state of Anambra:

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