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Ifeanyi Ubah Salutes Nigerians For Showing Solidarity To Him


We wish to appreciate all men and women of goodwill who have shown courage in the face of the well-orchestrated intimidation and judiciary adjudged illegal detention of Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by the DSS .

We have seen Nigerians united beyond the ethnic and religious divides while calling for justice for Nigerian born investor – Dr Ifeanyi Ubah. To this unbiased Nigerians, we say God bless you .

We watch people travel from far and near and from all walks of life to show solidarity to Ifeanyi Ubah even under heavy down pour .

We have seen Ndi Igbo raising their voice in unity within and outside our country, calling for the justice for Ifeanyi Ubah .

We are even more surprised that people from various ethnic groups in Nigerian, have in all honesty, joined the clarion call for the freedom of this employer of labour .

For the first time in our land, in the same manner we all played down on our ethnic and primordial sentiments during the Ebola outbreaks. 

We are witnessing  another remarkable show of  unity and inter regional solidarity by Nigerians raising their voice and joining efforts to fight against this new ‘Ebola Virus of  injustice’ that if left uncontained, will infest the fabrics of our justice system and endanger the health of our democratic  being.

It has gotten to the point that our bank of justice could not with hold the justice currency further while the  loud voices  calling for the rain of justice in a time the harmattan of injustice was covering our land forced down the rain on May 25th 2017 and the cloud could not hold the  rain and reign of impunity as Justice Muhammad Idris moved in nodding to the details of the justice in the city of Lagos

He ordered for the release of Ifeanyi Ubah that day. 

When Justice Muhammad Idris of Fed High Court Lagos called for the release of Ifeanyi Ubah unconditionally within 48hours,  there was jubilation across our land . 

Why ? It’s simply because the Order for his release represents that much sought after Justice in our land  and reassures our conviction that judiciary is indeed the last resort for the common man. 

No Country that quest for thriving economy will treat an investor like Ifeanyi Ubah like DSS is doing currently.

Meanwhile, we are still in shock by the  DSS  ‘militant’ interference in a pure civic matter and its undisciplined altitudes to criminalize a pure commercial transaction between NNPC and Capital Oil.

We hold without any fear of contradiction that freeing Ifeanyi Ubah will restore confidence in the Nigerian economy that is begging for job creating platforms.

The American President  Donald Trump went to G7 Summit with “Protectionism doctrine” for American Companies, while Nigeria a nation in dire need of investments and retention of promising enterprises is here killing her own business with the discouraging way it is treating one of its most enterprising personality and vibrant company – Ifeanyi Ubah and Capital Oil respectively.

Finally, it is no more secret that Nigerians are so concerned with this development, no wonder the mass appeal for justice and we call on Nigerians to be weary of the antics of Justice Halima of  Abuja High Court subtle attempts to confuse the justice system with his conflicting nod to the continual detention  of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah.

We have achieved this feat not because of our sole efforts, but by your supports, prayers and actions.  We appreciate in a special way the following:

To the Media Constituency, especially those that have championed the quest for justice in the fore, mid and back pages of their print media outfits, shown their disdain on the screens of their electronic media outlets and voiced their disdain for the corruption of the justice system on our airwaves at this point in time, you are appreciated as we are strengthened further in our belief that we can build a Nation run by the pen of justice .

To that Mrs Amina Alima who wept at the High Court of Lagos due to injustice against Ifeanyi Ubah even with her 3 years old child, your tears like many will heal our land . 

To those using various social media platforms to show solidarity, you are building a society of Justice with your efforts . History will be kind to you all !

To those young men and women that insisted on street protests against the govt establishment but bowed to our appeal to stay off street for now, your quest for justice and solidarity at this point in time is a saving grace for our Democracy.

To Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide led by Chief Nnia Nwodo, your voice is shaping the justice and Democratic tenets of this country. When story will be told about this day, be assured that it will be kind to you .

Also, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos led by Barr Fabian Onwughalu has shown commitment in this quest for justice. Remain Blessed  .

To Gov Fayose of Ekiti State , you have shown that call for Justice do not have tribe .We remain grateful .

To great Anambra Youths , you have shown that ours are people created by God with courage to stand against injustice . You have not failed the test of history. Remain Blessed Ndi Ntorobia  Anambra .

What of the ever committed workforce of Capital Oil and Gas? Your sacrifices and commitment against all manner of intimidation has shown the world what Capital Oil community represents .Thanks You all.

Labour unions in our land has shown commitment in this quest for justice especially United Nigeria Labour Congress (UNLC)Lagos State led by Comrade Tokunbo Korodo .

The market women that supported our call for justice , justice will remain with you all.

To Ubah Family of Umuanuka-Otolo, Nnewi, you have remain firm and unwavering in your support. You are a family indeed!

To all the volunteers behind #Justice4IfeanyiUbah movement, the reign of impunity can never silence your  voice for justice. Thank you all .

Finally, to our Clergymen and all that have been supporting us through prayer , may God continue to be with you all .

Friends and well-wishers , you have shown commitment .Thanks

We believe that despite the escape velocity of falsehood that truth must surely overtake it.

It’s only a matter of time. Justice will prevail .

Thank you all, you are appreciated.

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia 

SSA Media to Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

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