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Igbo businessman slammed by a Yoruba over plan to build refinery in Lagos


An Igbo man and former APGA Governorship aspirant/candidate in Imo State went to Lagos to promote his planned refinery in Lagos valued at N25.8b.

Of course you should know the man I am talking about, retired soldier and serial contestant for Imo Governorship under our “Igbo party”. 

When this news was broadcast over a radio station in Lagos a caller with Yoruba name abused the man and told him to take the project to Igbo land and help develop his area.

Incidentally Imo and neighboring Abia are oil producing states alongside Anambra.

This big man is from Imo State where unemployed youths who are well-educated are loitering the streets with no job. Some of the evil inclined ones have joined the only industry they can build: kidnapping industry.

After building this refinery in Lagos this same man will fly to Imo State with helicopter and loads of paid security men armed to the teeth, hire our jobless youths as thugs and pump millions for distribution to our online bloggers and they will start shouting “nwa okoko for Governor nwere weight” and effectively make his election appear inevitable.

Uwa Ntoor!

Our people need to learn. These dudes see Governorship of our states merely as a continuation of their business pursuits and expansion of their social influence.

They come, clean us out and return to Lagos and Abuja to live till they die. If you ask them why they are not back to their home state at old age of 70 and above they will tell you how the current Governor refused to curb kidnapping and built 5 storey overheard bridges and 5 lane roads that their Lamborghini cars will ply.

Very soon Ala Igbo will start rejecting their dead bodies too.

Are they not the same people indirectly supporting kidnapping in the east? How much have they contributed in tax revenue to our states? That dude will pay at least N1b annually to LASG. How many productive philanthropic ventures did they embark on before coming to ask for our votes? Where are the schools and hospitals they built for our people as evidence of love?

If I have my way as a person, no “foreign” Igbo man will ever govern any Igbo state again. They should all remain where they sowed and reap from there. Nigeria is a federation and you are free to live anywhere, pay taxes there and contest for office there.

That refinery building dude should also contest for Lagos Governorship and be disgraced there by the majority of voters.

O nwere weight mana onweghi uche.

Ara gbagbukwa Ndi Ara!

John Okiyi Kalu

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