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Igbo Exclusion: Behold More Reasons Why The Country Is Failing

By Theo Rays

The Nigeria Question: Nigeria Is Suffering From Inability To Bring The Best Of Igbo Man By Igbo Man Himself And Others

This is a second part of my message last week which I titled identifying the many factors behind the woes of a country. Below are more reasons in addition to what I listed last week.

1) People are championing visions and causes that are offensive to their country

I was in Abuja to witness the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly and after watching how the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) stamped its authority against the opposition to install its preferred candidates for National Assembly leadership without onye Igbo, I said to people around me that APC has unleashed a well-organised offensive interest against the opposition which apparently includes the Igbo man. Offensive is like a two edged sword which means to protect/win or to destroy or in a lighter mood to subdue.

Yes, there is offensive interest against the Igbo man in Nigeria. Why? Because the Igbo man is cloistered with strong elements of ignorance. After the Colonial masters ignored Ndigbo for obvious reason never to give them a chance to unleash their potentials, people of other parts of the country are toeing the part of the Colonial masters too as they continue to keep Ndigbo at the back seat. And to make the matter worse, Ndigbo too are ignorant of themselves politically by virtue of poor participation in politics of Nigeria. Yes Ndigbo have not given the Nigeria political scene a good fight because they are ignorant of political interest.

Since the exit of the Colonial masters the kingdom of Nigeria sufferers political fighting and fighting Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba take it by force. My landlord in those days at Lagos told me that Yoruba people no de play with certificate. Why? Because they use it to fight into Nigeria. How had Ndigbo fought into in Nigeria? Of late Peter Obi fought into Nigeria and got the Vice Presidential ticket of PDP. Ndigbo are fighting to establish business all round the world but the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba are using their population, cows and certificate to fight and conquer Nigeria.

Politics is not about coming out to vote. Far beyond that. For instances, Ndigbo lost the civil war because of lack of food. That is politics and 49 years after the war Ndigbo still lack food. Lack of food remains a political weakness among Ndigbo. There is no Igbo cow at home or in the markets any longer. Do anybody know the amount of cows Ndigbo consume every day and who is eating the gains thereof?. Hausa/Fulani rake trillions of Naira from cow business in Igbo land. That is politics. For a stronger political fight in Nigeria or to restore Biafra, Ndigbo should produce what they consume and consume what they produce. What is the prove that Hausa/Fulani will not come and sell their cows in Alaigbo after the restoration of Biafra? What is the prove that Ndigbo wont sand fill canal in Ajegunle to erect a market if Biafra is restored?. What is the sign that Ndigbo won’t continue to move round the world after the restoration of Biafra?

I support the restoration of Biafra because I believe that Biafra will bring the best of the Igbo man. But it is also the best of the Igbo man that will aid the restoration of Biafra. Biafra is going to be Africa’s leading light. Yes, but the world have to see the signs now. The time to show the best of Ndigbo for the service of humanity is now. It is natural that when you give people what they want they will look for your service. The world is suffering from terrorism, climate change, diseases, poverty, hunger and malnutrition let Ndigbo lend helping hands to address them. Peter Obi is lending helping hand, in education and health by given money to schools and hospitals round the world. There is untimely death in Igbo land, there is poverty, diseases, hunger and malnutrition in Igbo land and that what I have set to fight with a 12 Year development Agenda.

Peter Obi was the toast of 2019 Presidential election owing to high capacity leadership skill he demonstrated prior to the election. There are many more highly skilful leaders among the Igbo but ignorant of politics is impeding on them. Till today the leadership skills of late Zik of Africa remains unbeatable to Nigerians. Zik is the only nationalist whose vision for one Nigeria is free from offensive interest against tribes, religion and region. An encounter I had with Mbazuluike Amechi impressed me so much as noticed skilful leadership qualities in him. Amechi is a champion of Zik and according him, he was the director of strategy in Zikist movement.

Amechi told me that Zik believed so much in him as his successor. He confided in me that Zik gave him a Golden Key as his successor before he died. Amechi who is popularly known as the Boy is Good is 90 this month. Please let me use this opportunity to appeal to Ohaneze boss Ninia Nwodo to take note of this key. I told Amechi that as far as people like me in Alaigbo are concerned the dream of Zik will never die. And it will not die in Jesus name. For Nigeria to work, Ndigbo have to come on board and demonstrate the gift of God upon their lives and the earlier the better.

Terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, religious fanaticism, greed and selfishness are offensive in nature and unfortunately they are strongly presence in Nigeria but ignorance of what we can do as humans owing to offensive interest is the worst part of it all. Consequent upon offensive interests as listed above, the country can’t just grow. Take one more instance, a terrorist can a child who is destined to be a great farmer. A corrupt government official or corrupt official of a private company is championing an offensive interest that could end up destroying the plans and targets of government or a company. A greedy man cornering everything within his reach without considering the interest of others will end up upsetting the progress of government or private institution. There is no two ways about it.

2) Nigeria is also suffering from lack of collective offensive among the citizens as a make up of a country
America has offensive interest against Russia likewise Russia against America. China has offensive interest against America likewise America against China. Every citizen of America is galvanised into the offensive interest against Russia likewise every citizen of Russia. No citizen of America gives room for anything capable of upsetting his country before Russia likewise a citizen of Russia. An American regardless of his religion, tribe, region or political party is part of the project of America and always ready to protect the interest of his country most especially its name, Image, integrity, dignity and strength.

In Nigeria the story is different. People separate themselves from their country and end up facing the vision and cause of their religion, tribe, region and political parties. Clearly, Nigeria as a country doesn’t have offensive interest against any contemporary in Africa which galvanises the people collectively. South Africa has offensive interest against Nigeria and other contemporaries in Africa and that that is why South Africa was able to comfortably host World Cup soccer fiesta. Nigerians completely lack collective interest for their country. Like I noted in the first part of this message, in Onitsha where I live some people believe that Nigeria is all about the people in Abuja, the Hausa/Fulani and the Yoruba people.

3) Nigerians believe more in reputation of fathers and past leaders and less in evolving characters of the time
Nigerians are more interested in maintaining and retaining things they inherited from their fathers and past leaders than accepting the new characters that the world is evolving. No family or village or town or country can grow when the children are not more productive than their fathers. Nigerians are producing what they cannot consume and consuming what they cannot produce because they don’t want to evolve. Nigerians still maintain and retain their country the way the Colonial masters left it 59 years, the way Sir Ahmadu Bello left it 53 years ago, the way Obafemi Awolowo left it 33 years ago and the way America’s style of politics (Democracy) is driving it for 20 years now.

Development is not all about constructing highways and long bridges. It is not about building skyscrapers in Lagos and Abuja. It is not about going to school to acquire bogus certificates. It is not about erecting splendid mansions as residential abode. Development is all about building people into the qualities of civilised human beings whereby they derive the capacity to live a responsible life devoid of corruption and inline with the dignity of man with fear of God and love for humanity. Development is all about how to educate, empower and enable people participate in both divine and human decisions that effect their lives without crime attached to their characters and behaviour.

In this highly sophisticated world where ideas and knowledge are changing everyday, Nigerians are still practicing religion the way their fathers did it nearly 200 years ago. Nnamdi Kanu has told Ndigbo to stop going to Church and I support. Church is milking the Igbo man and bringing anything meaningful in return. Nigerians still drive the vision of those who existed long ago and whose vision cannot stand the test of time today. Is that not funny of a people? For Nigeria to move forward the people have to embrace the new political and religious ideas and knowledge that God is evolving through me. I am driving a religious and political ideas and vision good enough to kill ignorance and offensive interests among the people. And that is all I think that Ndigbo and Nigeria need at the moment. I recommend it for all

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