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Igbo Land Needs Healing, Hate It Or Love It – Chike Afanna


…The More We Run From The Bitter Truth The Stinker Our Region Become 

The degradation of our moral values started many years ago. I can trace this drug business and get-rich-quick syndrome to Awka-etiti in the same Anambra State, where suddenly a Secondary School student will quit School, join a drug gang in their village, his travel papers will be processed and he will travel to Europe or Americas.

After 3 months, he will build a mansion and buy big cars. There was massive withdrawal from Schools by young boys in pursuit of quick money. Then, US government sent their marines to come and arrest their kingpins here in Nigeria. Then Musa Bamayi broke the gangs, including the gangs in Ojoto and Oraifte.

Then it was about bringing the drugs from South America to Nigeria and from Nigeria to Europe. They also bring from Thailand and Pakistan to Nigeria and take to Europe and America.

Thereafter, new gangs developed in Nnewi, Utu, Ukpor and Onitsha. These gangs are much bigger and well connected to the worst and deadly gangs in South America. They have outposts in all African countries and they move the drugs in tons.

Most of their drugs end up in South Africa, Europe and some Asian countries. These guys use shipping containers, submarines to ship drugs and can drop it anywhere on African continent before looking for ways to move it around.

They have money and can buy new cars and create compartments, load drugs in those compartments and can drive from Nigeria to South Africa by road. The journey can take up to 30 days.

This guy called Bishop joined at this level and blossomed when one guy called Atine who came from Nnewi South was killed in South America. The guy is married to a Brazilian lady and connected to the global biggest Barons and delivers tons of drugs to Africa.

This guy called Bishop inherited Atine’s network and took it to another level. He started to import semi processed ‘Coke’ and brought many guys into Nigeria from South America. He will import containers of ephedrine into Nigeria from India and the South Americans will use it to produce tons of ‘ice’, which is also called ‘met’.

He was shipping his products to South Africa and made real money through this deal. That guy has made more than $3billion in less than 4yrs. His boys are all over the world and to clip his wings will need an international collaboration.

Let me stop at this point and will write more on this as events unfolds.

We have a very big problem in Igbo land. Most young people who didn’t go to school wants to be billionaires within the shortest possible time. Crime means a fancy word among the young people. It’s a normal way of life, and prison is considered a slight distraction. If you have not gone to prison, you’re considered a non-starter.

Kidnapping, 419 and other forms of crime is considered a normal way to riches and once you succeed, the traditional rulers, religious leaders and politicians will be falling over themselves to recognize the criminals.

Governor Obiano commissioned the roads built by this criminal, Catholic bishops accepted his built Churches and cars without question.

Parents are withdrawing their kids from School and send them out to any country at all, to go and succeed like Bishop of Ozubulu. They just don’t care about the crimes they commit as long as they send money to them.

A beg make una put us for prayer, help us beg God to forgive us and heal our land. Igbo land needs God.

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