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Igbo Presidency: A scam from the Caliphate ~ Activist


Igbo Presidency: A scam from the Caliphate-Activist

A frontline human rights activist, opinion moulder, critic, public affairs analyst and an author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has described the call for Igbo Presidency as a scam from the caliphate, adding that it is a ruse by the irredentists to dislocate the fight for restructuring and self-determination struggle.

In a message shared with our correspondent, Comrade Paul vehemently said;

“Igbo Presidency is not availably possible in the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari. It is simply an organised diversion”.

“We should not dance to this imaginary tone. This is purely a deceitful attempt to quench restructuring and self-determination mantra. It is a super scam against the South”.

“The Fulani are determined by their actions and reckless utterances to hold on to power which they always tout as their birthright”.

The activist further noted, “I am shamefully astonished that my people are already hypnotized by this delusion from the caliphate inspite of the 1999 fraudulent and unreasonable constitution”.

“I want my people to ambitiously concentrate on restructuring and self-determination struggle”.

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