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Igbo, South-South people: Your freedom is very, very near! ~ by Ndidi Uwechue


As a retired London Police Officer what I am witnessing here in Nigeria is quite horrifying. I cannot see evidence of effective police protection for ordinary citizens, and is there any civilian security?

Killer Fulani herdsmen and terrorists seem to enjoy freedom of movement and these organised criminals are striking terror all over the land.

Nobody wants to live under Nigeria’s conditions and it is happening because the indigenous ethnic nationalities are not exercising their right to self-determination, which would allow them to control what happens in their ancestral space.

Self-determination is not a crime! No ethnic nationality should have to live under such conditions were not only are basic public services totally lacking, but gross corruption is the order of the day, and now death at the hands of Fulani herdsmen and terrorists. This is just wickedness!

It is shocking that the 1999 Constitution, an imposed forgery, is the instrument being used to turn Nigeria into a “No go zone” with Western governments telling their citizens to avoid travelling to Nigeria, and young Nigerians seeking any means to escape the country.

The Constitutional Force Majeure (“Confom” for short) declared on 16th December 2020 by NINAS, the indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt, has given ethnic nationalities their self-determination back, which had been hijacked by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution.

This 1999 Constitution having been repudiated is on its way to being decommissioned by way of the Confom.

Confom is an ORDERLY PROCESS and the strategy was planned out by the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) the self-determination organisation for the peoples of the Lower Niger Bloc, that is, the peoples of the South-South and South-East together.

LNC is headed by an Itsekiri gentleman, Mr Fred Agbeyegbe, a lawyer who is its President, but LNC’s more visible face is lawyer and jurisprudence expert Mr Tony Nnadi who is its Secretary-General.

LNC is in alliance with Ilana Omo Oodua and Middle Belt Congress, the self-determination organisations for the South-West Bloc and Middle Belt Bloc, respectively.

I am grateful to the LNC for the work they have been doing to set the peoples of the Lower Niger bloc free.

Many people believe that freedom can only come with war, but that need not always be the case.

After 400 years of slavery, the ancient Hebrews freed themselves without war but by being organised under Moses and walking through a pathway opened up across the Red Sea.

Confom is that non-violent pathway opened up, that leads to freedom. It is based on international law and international relations.

If, however, Fulani herdsmen, Bandits and terrorists are unleashed upon the indigenous peoples for the purpose of grabbing their lands, then the indigenous peoples will use their right of self-determination to protect themselves from invaders and killers.

What happens next in the Confom process?

Given that the 1999 Constitution which upholds the Union called Nigeria is a forgery, then technically there is no Union. However, since we do not want anarchy, a Transitional Government is needed.

This is a time-bound and temporary government that prepares the ground for new constitutional arrangements.

The good thing about any Transitional Government is that it has a LIMITED MANDATE. That means, limited powers.

So it tames any tyrannical government because only essentials such as paying the salaries of civil servants, etc. would be going on.

So in the case of Nigeria with unresponsive governance and massive human rights abuses, anti-people Bills such as Social Media Bill, Hate Speech Bill, Waterways Bill and even RUGA etc, would be stopped.

So too would police brutality i.e. EndSARS, as the Transitional Government would be under international observation.”

The Confom is based on a Sovereignty (or Union) Dispute so during the period of Transitional Government there would be Regional Referendums whereby indigenous ethnic nationalities would vote to decide whether they will re-commit to, or exit from, the Union of Nigeria.

Political parties, since they subscribe to the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, are responsible for renewing its life when they go to elections because the winner will later swear an Oath of Office to uphold that Constitution.

Now that a Confom has been declared, political parties should therefore halt preparations to general elections in 2023 and CLOSE SHOP even if temporarily, so that new and valid constitutional arrangements are made.

Ndi-Igbo and the peoples of the South-South should know this:

“The Lower Niger Congress are experts so they know what to do.

“The Confom strategy was divided into 16 Stages and 13 have successfully been achieved, so of course we can trust them that the remaining few Stages will be successful!

“We are now at Stage 14. That means we are very, very, near to getting our freedom! All that you and I have to do is to key into this freedom pathway.

“The Hebrews still had to walk along the dry ground of the Red Sea carrying their belongings. So we too must walk along the Confom pathway carrying out the needed tasks which are just two things.

“Signing the Demand Referendum petition and compelling political parties to CLOSE SHOP. These tasks are definitely easier and cheaper than going to war!”

NOTE: Link to the Demand Referendum petition:

End 1999 Constitution

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