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Igbokwe’s Ignoble Ramblings and Vindication of Saraki

joe Igbokwe“It is well known that in political war, the first casualty is the truth—

that during any war, truth is forsaken for propaganda.” – Harry Browne 

When the news of Senate President Bukola Saraki’s summon by Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) first hit the airwaves, many unsuspecting gullible and politically naïve Nigerians celebrated it as vociferous anti-corruption fight which compelled Presidency via its Spokesman, Garba Shehu to wash off its hands from Senator Saraki’s ordeal thereby affirming uninformed believe of some fleeceable political teenagers and pawns in chess board parading themselves as anti-corruption crusaders; who are still struggling to recover from hangover of the APC’s post-election propaganda spell.

They bought the dummy sold to them that Nigeria’s cancerous; aged long corruption would be brought to its untimely end with the prosecution (persecution) of Senator Saraki as a setting Senate President whose corruption traits was transplanted into his organs and infused via his DNA the very day he decided to exercise his constitutional rights to vote and be voted for as Senate Presidential Aspirant.

As Nigerians were still divided over the persecution of Senator Saraki by those who are bent on truncating at all cost  our nascent democracy to enable them enlarge their political empires from Lagos and Kaduna to Abuja via invasion and capturing of National Assembly leadership (which they failed to achieved democratically through the ballot on 9th of June 2015 when 8th Senate was inaugurated) especially upper legislative chamber of Senate, the APC’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Joe Igbokwe [image above] in his ignoble quest to protect his political servitude to the dynasty of CEO of Lagos LTD, Ahmed Tinubu exposed the hitherto ill-conceived anti-Saraki agenda packaged as anti-corruption fight to deceive pliable Nigerians who have been impoverished by that monster called corruption, of which arrowhead of already ill-fated Saraki-must-go mission represents the Chief Priest of Corruption Deity whose unofficial Headquarters is in Lagos State where a whooping #78 million was used to host a personal website.

In Igbokwe’s venom-filled and hate-driven gutter language penned as a vengeful piece titled: No Tears for Saraki, he said this about elected Senators of Federal Republic of Nigeria as: “Saraki and his gang of forty thieves devastated the master plan of our great party to choose the right people to serve as the Principal Officers in the National Assembly”, can Joe Igbokwe explain to discerning Nigerians more on what he meant by this ridiculing statements written with the sole purpose of tarnishing hard-earned image of Nigerian Legislature—the hallmark of Nigerian democracy.  

Can this rabble-rouser tell us how a political party with a slim majority in the Senate can impose its so-called Master Plan on National Assembly comprising of Senators elected from other parties with different political ideologies from that of the APC?  In continuation of his vituperations and exposure of his chronic ignorance of the Law he was quoted as saying: “What Senator Saraki did is unheard of in the history of Party politics. Saraki made the world to believe that APC leaders are unprepared for the task of governing this country. Saraki’s inordinate ambition at once put a question mark on the capacity of leaders of APC to drive leadership in Nigeria. 

Saraki tried to prove to the whole world that he is smarter than all the leaders of APC put together. Saraki ignored 51 APC Senators who were in a meeting and went to do business with 49 PDP Senators, a party APC just defeated after sixteen years bloody struggle. Senator Saraki bribed his way to the clerk of the Senate and cajoled him to proclaim a Senate that is incomplete. Saraki and Ekweremadu criminally changed the Senate rules in order to carry out the open robbery we saw in the hallowed Chamber of the Senate of Federal Republic of Nigeria.” 

After reading above contradictions and historical exhibition of political ignorance by a nervous servant working hard to earn his pay from his overbearing master, I concluded that is either hypocritical Joe Igbokwe is suffering from amnesia—loss of memory or assuming that majority of Nigerians are as gullible as his fellow slaves in Lagos. When Aminu Tambuwal connived with the then ACN led by defeated 2015 Speakership Aspirant in the Lower Chamber, Femi Gbajabiamila to work against the interest of the PDP in 2011which enthroned Hon. 

Tambuwal as Speaker of House of Representatives against the PDP’s choice of Mulikat Akande of Oyo State, the same vuvuzelic misfit and blind fellow called Joe Igbokwe hailed it as victory for democracy—this is height of hypocrisy!  As law of Karma may have it, the same Hon. 

Tambuwal that benefited from conspiracy of then ACN led by Hon. Gbajabiamila against the PDP toiled assiduously to abort unhidden ambition of his then ally, Femi Gbajabiamila to emerge Speaker of House of Representatives. That is called politics of interest not treachery or betrayal as the APC is trying to make Nigerians believe in the case of Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki. 

In furtherance of Joe Igbokwe’s vindictive and buccaneering type of politics, he advocated as fellows that “APC does not want Bukola Saraki as the Senate President and neither does APC want Ekweremadu as the Deputy Senate President. 

Saraki has caused enough implosions within the party. He has brought public opprobrium to the party, he has slowed down the Party’s machinery from taking off smoothly, and he has portrayed us as a weak party. Now is the time for him to go. Saraki has no choice than to go otherwise he will have himself to blame. 

Again if Bukola Saraki feels his hands are tightly glued to the exalted seat of the Senate Presidency and therefore cannot be removed, APC may be compelled to tear or cut his hands off, so that the National Assembly can move forward. No man is an island, and none can claim that he is the final word in APC.” 

Mr. Igbokwe, by these undemocratic, tyrannical and disgusting assertions made in his vengeful article confirmed the alarm raised by Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh that Nigeria is gradually sliding into dictatorship where people with opposing views are hounded like terrorists using State institutions. Anyone still doubting that Senate President Saraki is being persecuted for upholding his constitutional rights should wake up sooner than later to see another policed state like North Korea emerging in Nigeria.

Nwobodo Chidiebere, political Analyst wrote in from Abuja.

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