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Igbos Don’t Need Biafra But Economic Survival Movement — Gov Okorocha


Governor Rochas Okorocha Speaks On IPOB, MASSOB Activities, & The Reaction Of The Northern Youths

–  Says Those Supporting IPOB On Its Quest For Secession Are Enemies Of Igbos

–  Calls For The Revival Of The Political Relationship Between The Igbos And The North

–  That What The Igbos Need Now Is The “Movement For The Economic Survival Of Igbo People (MOESIP).

The governor of Imo State Owelle Rochas Okorocha has said that what the Igbos need now is the Movement for the Economic Survival of Igbo People (MOESIP) and not any movement for the sovereign State of Biafra stating that leaders from other geo-Political Zones supporting the secession movement do not love the Igbos.

He also called for the revival of the Political relationship of the North with the Igbos. Read the full text of  Governor Okorocha’s speech:

“I have watched and read with keen interest the developments happening in our Country with respect to the comments by IPOB and subsequent reaction by the AREWA YOUTH GROUPS”.

“I wish I do not speak on these matters or make any categorical comment as not to be misconstrued, misrepresented or misinterpreted. But despite the political implications, I make bold to speak to my Igbo brothers and Sisters and to our friends the Arewa and their leaders on these critical matters if only to save the lives of our generation yet unborn”.

“You may recall that the issue of IPOB and MASSOB in the recent times has been making headlines in various media houses and the social media especially with many people giving different interpretations to the groups. 

“Some see them as some uninformed youths calling for the sovereignty of the Biafra nation. Some see them as some groups seeking for personal recognition and aggrandizement for the purpose of political patronage. 

“And for some other people, it is an invitation of what has happened in other geo-political zones in agitation just to get power and form the government at the centre as assumed to be the practice in the past”.

“You may also recall that some people believe that the South-West became President of Nigeria because of the agitation by the Oduduwa group with respect to June 12 and that brought General Obasanjo as the President. 

“Some argued that President Goodluck Jonathan came because of the agitation of the Niger Delta region for resource control and marginalization. Of recent it was also believed that President Buhari came in as President because of the agitation from Boko Haram in the recent past”.  

“Let me also mention that whatever is the reason for the agitation from different groups whether right or wrong, I feel it is an ill wind that has done this nation no good”.

“If you may recall, only few months ago I have pleaded and made request for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, making excuses for him and his group as youthful exuberance and I stated that keeping him in prison would command for him unwarranted popularity and followership. 

“Shortly after that and followed by the comments from the South-East Governors, Nnamdi Kanu was released, and only again to hear about the sit at home order by IPOB.

“Let me correct the impression that the South-East people and leaders supported the sit at home order. It is not true, two factors contributed. 

“The sit at home order came shortly after the democracy day holiday and our people in their natural character would want to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, hence, considering that the day was 30th, so many people continued the holiday. 

“And the second and most important reason was that most traders had the fear of hoodlums taking advantage of the situation to disturb them and so stayed at home. It is not true that the sit at home order was purposely obeyed as support for IPOB”.

“Let me present an Igbo man in a practical manner. An Igbo man is a peace loving man found at all nooks and crannies of the world. 

“There is no place you go without finding an Igbo man either building the bridge of friendship or creating brotherhood, and at the same time developing and contributing immensely to the socio-economic development of that area. 

“Igbo man is a more practical Nigerian because they are the only people to be found in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

“In recent times, the impression given is that an Igbo man enjoys violence. Let me put it clear. Igbo man is not a troublesome man and not a man associated with violence. All he does is to enjoy his commerce and do his trading for the betterment of his family and society at large”.

“Let me inform all Nigerians that Igbos will remain peace-loving people and good Nigerians wherever they are found. If there is any group of people who had laid their lives and shed more blood for the unity of this country that person is an Igbo man”.

“Therefore at this material time, let me remind all Nigerians that the Igbos are the people that developed Lagos and major Cities in this Country. Igbos have made major investments in this country than any other group making an investment in Igbo land”.

“Therefore, I think, the statements by IPOB and subsequent ones by AREWA youths are nonsensical, ill-informed and not for the best interest of Ndi Igbo, neither is it for the best interest of Nigeria. I condemn in its entirety the statements of IPOB and the reaction of the AREWA YOUTH GROUP. 

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