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Igbos, Don’t Celebrate This Time Bomb Called ESN

The only thing we learn from History is that we learn nothing from history. At the onset of Boko Haram many Muslims and Northerners thought their Messiah had come at last. They felt happy and fulfilled, believing that God had sent a Messiah to contain and tame their ethnic, Religious and political enemies. By then Boko Haram elements were tribally, politically and Religiously selective in their attacks.

As time went on, the Boko Haram miscreants threw all sentiments to the wind and started unleashing its terror and venom across all divides. When Bakassi vigillantee outfit was introduced in Anambra State in 2001, it went after real killer criminals, arresting and burning them in the streets by broad day light. The law abiding citizens rigaled in silent admiration of what they thought to be nemesis at work.

This euphoria did not last long. Unfortunately, the Bakkasi Boys later degenerated to a commercialized instrument for vendetta or revenge in the hands of unscrupulous affluent and influential men. Its usual death sentence became negotiable, like wares in the supermarket. Innocent citizens were murdered in cold blood under the guise that they were criminals. The History of SARS is another glaring tale of paradise lost Prior to the #Endsars saga.

SARS was the apples eye of the masses, regarded as a metaphor of nemesis and natural justice. Later, SARS gradually lost its credibility. The great philosopher, Montesquo, said it all, POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. This is even moreso when power is in the hands of a group that is not recognised or regulated by the law of the land. ESN, true to type will definitely metamorphose into a terror group akin to Boko Haram if not nipped in the bud.

When it attains its adult stage of metamorphosis, they will go after the low and high, the Igbos and the non Igbos, the young and the old, the security operatives and the non security operatives, the oppressors and the oppressed. By then the lid will be off the eyes of its present hailers and wailers, by then, the horse will have bolted and it will be too late to bolt the stable.

Yes, the Evangelist from Heaven, like Lucifer, will dump his angelic heavenly garb for a full blown satanic ministry. The time to detonate this time bomb is now or never. Our government should leave no stone unturned in nipping this fledging terror group in the board. Accordingly, cctv camera should be installed in all the strategic areas of our cities, armoured perssonell carriers should be procured for all police area commands, police helicopters should be procured for aireal surveillance, the present number of policemen should be tripled through massive recruitmenst, police should be adequately kitted with bullet proof jackets, helmet and vehicles in addition to sufficient quantity of sophisticated arms and ammunition.

The ESN is a big keg of time bomb in our laps. It is foolhardy of us to entrust our security in the hands of a faceless group that is not subject to any checks and balances. The crave for self determination should not becloud our sense of reasoning and our respect for the sanctity of human life. The earlier ESN is legalized and subjected to strict regulations like Amotekun or outrightly disbanded since the members are for now faceless and unaccountable the better, the safer for us.


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