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Igbos in Washington, you did it before, you must do it now!


In 2000, nearly if not ALL Igbo organizations including our brethren from Ambazonia (Federal Republic of Southern Cameroon),in the Washington DC area, the capital of the world, stepped up to the plate in answer to the call by our ancestors to stand up and be counted.

Of course mistakes were made in the implementation of this most important mandate.

Should we now, especially our brethren in the DC area, refuse this call from our ancestors, the living and the unborn, not forgetting those who have been condemned to the life of the living dead and those being daily massacred by the monsters that are determined to exterminate us and our way of life, because mistakes were made?

We must again resurrect the “Igbo Coalition of the Americas” and finish what was started in 2000.

“Igbo Coalition of the Americas”, your time has come!

By Nnaemeka Onumonu-Uzoaru

Igbo mma mma nu,

In 2000, a great event occurred in Washington DC, Igbo organizations banded together under the name “IGBO COALITION OF THE AMERICAS” with one express purpose in mind, to resolve once and for all, the oppressive hand of the abomination of a so called country, n— area (nigeria) and help their brethren Ndi Igbo regain their freedom and manhood. 

To these great organizations and their leaders and those not mentioned:

Mr. Hyacinth Uche—World Igbo Council 

Dr. Chuka Onwumechili—Enugu State Association 

Dr. Goodman Okpara—Abia State Development Union 

Chief B. O. Nwachukwu—Ikeduru Patriotic Union & Friends 

Dr. Marcellus Unaegbu—Orlu Peoples Association 

Mr. Charles Onwukwe—Umunna Progressive Union 

Victor Mba Jonas Esq.—Mbieri United Association 

Mr. Emmanuel Chigbu—Izu Ngwa, Washington, DC Metro. Area 

Chief Okey Onunaku—Okoroshi African Cultures Inc.

Ndi Igbo say NDEEWO! But we must hasten to remind these our great organizations that the job is yet not done!

These great organizations in the great Igbo tradition came out as equals, none was greater than the other, despite their size or wealth, banded together and decided to work together.

That spirit that brought them together must be rekindled. And any other organization that chooses to be part of this IGBO movement in the Washington DC Area must be allowed to join as long as all agree that it is a meeting of equals.

We look forward to the day, soon, when all these our organizations will bring “IGBO COALITION OF THE AMERICAS” out and functional again.

Nnaemeka Onumonu-Uzoaru

Below is one of the many press releases from these august gatherings: 

Teach-in and demonstration at the embassy of Nigeria

Wednesday July 19, 2000



The Igbo Coalition (TIC) and Ekwe Nche will hold a teach-in on the Biafran genocide of 1967-1970 at the Howard University School Of Social Work Auditorium on Saturday, July 29, 2000. 

On Friday, July 28 2000, the coalition will stage the second of several planned demonstrations in front of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC to protest Igbo marginalization and to support calls for a political restructuring of Nigeria. 

On May 26 and 27, 2000, respectively, the Igbo Coalition held a highly successful convention on the Biafran genocide and organized a demonstration at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington, DC. Earlier, in a major release titled “Message To The World,” the coalition articulated the basis for its actions. The struggle upon which the coalition embarked shall continue until its demands are met. 

For further information, please contact: 

Matthew Uzukwu

(301) 350-6687

Reverend Dr. Ahamefule Nnorom

(804) 321-4916.

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