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Igbos resident in the North should not panic – Igbo leader

Igbos resident in the North should not panic –President General of Igbo Community Welfare Association, Kaduna, Chief Chris Nnoli

We urge all Igbos resident in Kaduna and other parts of the region not to panic and begin to move their families and property back to the East, the Governments in the North and elders are already on top of the situation.

We have told everybody not to panic. We have told everybody to remain calm.

Don’t move your families back to the eastern States on the strength of the threat by Northern youths that all the Ibos should leave the region.

The assurances we have received from the Government of Kaduna State, and the leadership of Northern Nigeria and even the IG has told us to remain calm.

And the elders of the north have also told us their stand and we believe them. So we have told our people to remain calm and not to panic in any form, as to rushing back home.

The whole thing is unfortunate and coming at this stage of our national development.

Our people are very disturbed. But, with the timely intervention of the Governors in the north by trying to stop some of the activities of the northern youth and ordering their arrest and prosecution, and also the intervention of ACF, the elders of the north, they have also intervened.

So far we are telling everybody to remain calm, especially our people, they should remain calm and go about their lawful business and also be law abiding.

As far as I know there are processes in going about the referendum.

The issue of this referendum depends on whether it is there in our constitution.

And again, it all depends on the people. I think all we need to do as a country and people is to sit down and find solution to this emerging problem of the country.

As far as I am concerned not every Igbo man buys into the idea of the creation of the state of Biafra.

And it should not be generalized as if everybody is looking for that.

I think it is not fair for everybody to begin to target the entire Igbo in the north as if that is their position.

We have never in any way come out to demonstrate in support of the Biafran State and also state that that is our position.

In the entire northern Nigeria we have never come out to do any demonstration in favour of the creation and in support.

And you can also cross-check, even last week, when there was a declaration of sit-at-home in support of Biafra State, all of us here in the north went about our duties.

So, that is to show you that everybody has his own way of looking at his problem.

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