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Ignore fake INEC websites ~ APC


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State has warned of fake INEC websites sponsored by the PDP to win an advantage in the ongoing election.

The APC laughed at the speculative results by the PDP where they churned out fake figures in pretence that it has already secured majority votes.

The APC said that PDP’s “electoral vaudeville” will not secure them the elections.

This was in a statement by Edo APC spokesman, Mr. John Mayaki, who noted that the figures and images being bandied in the media are falsities that should be regarded without any seriousness.

He said, “Before the election, we warned that PDP has prepared doctored election results and fake figures to make it appear that they will win the elections. They have even graduated to hosting a fake website for INEC where the release their concocted results.

“I want to urge all APC supporters in Edo to remain calm as we had majority of the votes in the state cast in our favour. A falling tree makes a louder crack than an erect tree.

“PDP has been churning out false figures. They released an edited picture, for instance, of Comrade Oshiomhole voting for PDP. They released news that PDP won in our candidate’s polling unit. These are all falsehood. We will not stoop to their level.”

He added that the false information being propagated on the media would not change the actual results in the ballot boxes and that they were all attempts by the PDP to “secure false evidence for the election tribunal, which they still plan to head to after they have lost.

“Just like their candidate, Mr Obaseki, PDP is trying to push a narrative that they have secured the majority votes and that if APC is declared the winner, then something funny has happened. The only funny thing that has happened is that PDP thugs tried to chase APC polling agents away from the spots of the elections. They managed to beat up APC election officials and in Ovia North East, they managed to kill one person, seriously maim another, and injure several others. Despite this attempt to prevent our people from voting, we have still been able to secure majority of the votes,” he said.

Mayaki therefore expressed confidence that when the final results are revealed the truth would come out and the mandate to move Edo state forward would be handed to APC, as the state had collectively rejected the governor.

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