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IGP Idris Video: Beware Of Agents Of Destabilization

Recently, a video surfaced online whereby the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris at a public function in Kano state, was portrayed as repeatedly uttering incoherent words from a prepared speech which was meant to cast aspersions on his person, office and by extension, the Nigeria police force.

Ever since then, the genuineness or otherwise of the video has become a subject of heated and angry public debates and discussions among Nigerians.

More so, some persons affirmed that the IGP whom they have seen and listened to severally on TV, radio and other public engagements, cannot be the person whose character was being assassinated in that video and so to this class of people, the video was doctored to enmesh the image of the IGP and the Nigeria police in public ridicule.

However, there is the other school of thought, to whom everything is political, which sees every issue including the ones involving national institutions from the political prism.

To this category of Nigerians, national apolitical and professional institutions like the police, DSS, Military, INEC, etc. are political wing of the government in power even when it cannot be substantiated with facts, what a shame.

While the debate about the trending video was ongoing, a major national newspaper added a new dimension to the tissue of lies, on Saturday, 19th May, 2018.

They published a story which has been debunked about the alleged manufacturer of the video, being on the run as a result of his invitation by the Nigeria police force, Kano state command for allegedly being the brain behind the public release of the contentious video.

Surprisingly, on reading the newspaper reportage of the “wanted” blogger and the video in question, one was taken aback that in its reportage, the paper shied away from taking responsibility by ascribing every link to the wanted blogger by the Nigeria police force, Kano State command and the circumstances of the alleged doctored video to sources which was very unprofessional.

The newspaper went further to cast doubt in the mind of the discerning reading public of its genuine intentions of publishing the truth based on fact by refusing to give its own independent and verifiable account of the incident through its reporter, correspondence or other credible sources by being specific, but rather ascribed what happened as recorded in the video to sources, sources and sources, that one was left wondering and asking that, is it that the newspaper didn’t have a correspondent in Kano State to cover state functions?

The newspaper again mischievously claimed that according to sources, journalists who covered the event were appealed to by the police authorities to black out the story as portrayed in the video. Even if the paper didn’t have a reporter or correspondence on ground, couldn’t it have leveraged on other journalists present to report the truth and be specific, why hide under sources, so as to avoid liability? Is this what journalism has become in our clime?

In claiming that the blogger was on the run because of his invitation by the Kano state police command for releasing the video in question to the public, the newspaper failed the credibility test by not availing the reading public of the fact of what it published, but mischievously tried to hide under the cloak of, according to sources and so, one would like to expose this malicious intent by asking some salient and rational questions, which are:

  1. If the newspaper published that the said blogger is on the run because of his invitation by the police according to sources, was the invitation oral or written and who is this sources that provided the information to the newspaper?
  2. How did the newspaper know that the said blogger was on the run based on police invitation, were they informed by the blogger himself, his family, acquaintances, friends or colleagues?
  3. Couldn’t the newspaper have confirmed from the Kano state command of the Nigeria Police Force, if they invited a said blogger in connection with the video in question?
  4. Did the newspaper in question if it was indeed sincere in it’s motto of reporting the truth, make any effort to confirm it’s story before publication with the Kano state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ)?

Honestly, the conduct of the newspaper in question on this matter, though not representative of the patriotism, professionalism and responsibility of the Nigeria media in general, has only succeeded in casting aspersions on its integrity before the Nigerian public by its unprofessional misconduct, sinister and malicious intent, incitement, and irresponsibility which is despicable, reprehensible and condemnable.

But to the glory of God and the benefit of humanity, the said “wanted” blogger has come out to deny the newspaper falsehood and tissue of lies publication which described him as a blogger when in actual fact, he is a journalist with an identifiable media organization.

He has also refuted that he was invited by the Nigeria police force, Kano state and thus exposing the lies as peddled.

All over the world, the media has always been a collaborative partner in progress, forging unity and nation building, but our experiences of late, has awoken Nigerians to be alert to the realization that the agents of provocations, discord, disharmony and destabilization are very much on the prowl, but by the grace of God, they will fail like they have always done.

By Nelson Ekujumi

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