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IGP does not report directly to the Present, Femi Adesina defends Buhari


IGP can disobey Buhari, depending on the situation because he is answerable to the Police Service Commission
~Femi Adesina.

Presidential aide Femi Adesina steps before the TV cameras to defend Buhari over IGP Idris’ disobedience. 3 take-aways here.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been in the line of fire since he admitted that he didn’t know that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris, disobeyed him. And here comes Femi Adesina to clean up the mess

So, here’s a recap since you asked—as the killings by Fulani herdsmen intensified in Benue, Buhari summons IGP Idris and asks his police chief to relocate to Benue. That was in January.

IGP Idris shows up in Benue, lasts only 24 hours in the troubled State and heads for Nasarawa. Benue Governor Samuel Ortom is livid and makes his feelings very, very clear. He also calls for IGP Idris’ resignation or sack.

Not aware

Buhari shows up in Benue weeks after (Monday, March 12, 2018) and says he didn’t know that his IGP disobeyed him.

“I’m not aware that the I-G did not spend 24 hours in the State as directed by me, I am getting to know in this meeting,” Buhari said as he showed up at a gathering of farmers, herdsmen, government officials, senators and members of the House of Representatives in Benue.

There were even reports that IGP Idris was having a birthday bash at a time he should have been securing Benue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018: In steps Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina to clean up the mess of the previous day. It is after all what he is paid to do.

The stage: ChannelsTV.

Here are three things Adesina wants you to know about the IGP flouting the orders of his boss:

1. The IGP not spending 24hrs in Benue is only an allegation

Adesina says no one should take Governor Ortom’s word for it. For all we know, he says, IGP Idris may have spent more than 24hrs .

“There were in the realm of allegations until the key stakeholders mentioned it yesterday. There were just allegations as far as I’m concerned,” Adesina said.

“Even now, there are still in the realm of allegations until we hear from the IGP.”

2. Don’t expect Buhari to know everything

“It’s in the public domain that he (IGP) went from Benue to Nasarawa but nobody knew that he did not spend a night in Benue”, Adesina said.

“I’m aware of it but I did not know the length of time he stayed in Benue before moving to Nasarawa.

» moreFemi Adesina says you shouldn’t expect Buhari to know everything (Punch)

“The president may not know everything. He didn’t know that the IGP allegedly left Benue after one day but he got to know yesterday. So there are some things you can’t hide forever. So yes, the president may not know everything.”

3. Adesina can’t say for a fact that IGP Idris reports directly to Buhari

“Well, you know it’s a line of order. I know that the IGP is responsible to the president, the minister of interior. In a way, he also works with the PSC (Police Service Commission) and maybe to the NSA (National Security Adviser).

“It depends, if the president needs a direct interface with the IGP, he has said it before that he called him up.

“The president is the commander-in-chief so he can relate with anyone he wants directly. But depending on the nature of interface that needs to take place, there are some that he will call for through the immediate superior.”

There you have it.

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