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Igweship: Obiano Sets Aguleri On Fire, Accused Of Plotting To Become Igwe 2023

Idigo family, Obiano on collision over the choice of the new Igwe Aguleri Idigo family alleges that Obiano plans to be Igwe Aguleri in 2023 Security operatives lay siege on Igwe's palace. By Eneh Victor Chigozie

The situation at the late Igwe Ogalagidi’s Palace at Aguleri whose body will be interred tomorrow, Friday, March 29 is tensed. According to the tradition of Aguleri, a new Igwe will be coronated immediately the late Igwe’s body is laid to rest.

A source who spoke to AIF Media said Aguleri kingship is peculiar, it is the family of Idigo that selects a replacement from members of the family and presents to the elders and the community. Even the Igwe-in-council don’t have role in selection. It’s purely the Idigo’s affair.

But from the information available to AIF Media, Governor Obiano who is not a member of the Idigo family is about imposing Dr Mike Idigo on the family to be coronated the next Igwe of Aguleri.

AIF Media learned that Governor Obiano rejected the choice and sole candidate of the family who was presented to him. The Idigo family settled for Chuka Idigo to replace the late Igwe Ogalagidi but the governor refused and insisted on imposing Mike on them.

Our investigation shows that Chuka Idigo is the direct cousin of the late Igwe Ogalagidi and from the direct lineage that can ascend to the throne while Mike Idigo is a distant cousin and can only ascend to the throne when those who are in direct place to ascend reject the offer.

At a meeting in Awka, the Idigo family made it clear to the governor that he has no right to select an Igwe for them and that they will resist his attempt to impose Mike.

However, the choice of Igwe Aguleri has gone political. Agu Awka insinuates that Chuka is a member of PDP and a friend of both Peter Obi and Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. They are afraid that Chuka will not support the choice of Governor Obiano during the 2022 governorship election and that both Obi and or Ubah will likely use him against the Aguleri agenda in 2022.

Mike Idigo is preferred by Agu Awka because he works with the state government and do not have strong will to stand against the dictates of the governor.

In Aguleri, the practice of coronating a new Igwe has been that even the community will not know who was selected until the day of the last ovala when the new Eze will make public appearance. The coronation is the elders affairs not even the igwe-in-council. The place of coronation is highly restricted to the elders and it is only the Onowu who can come in to direct the Idigos. This tradition is more than 100 years old and is older than any living Agulerian.

But this is being desecrated right now as security operatives are said to have laid siege at the palace. The crisis between the choice of Chuka and Mike has caused so much bad blood in the family.

The latest from a close source is that even the late Igwe Ogalagidi’s body has been desecrated and removed from where it was waiting for its last ofala.

Mike has lost the support of the family including his own blood brothers. His direct elder brothers did not give their consent even when Agu Awka insists on him.

A family source alleged that the governor may be eyeing the throne after his tenure by insisting on imposing Mike.

He alleged that Mike is a weakling who is likely to resign to pave way for Obiano to emerge the Igwe of Aguleri in 2023, and use it as a bargaining throne to avoid probe.

He wondered why the governor is using all the state’s power to impose Mike on them.

More updates will follow…

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