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Ike Agu: A media cum music guru whose achievements in the United States speaks volume — By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


One incontrovertible fact about the Igbo phenomenon is that, there is this natural inclination in every Igbo man that propels him to break unimaginable barriers and attain great heights; be it in business, medicine, arts and other stratum of human pursuit. The term ‘Igbo’ is synonymous to greatness and this burning desire to achieve success has made the Igbo man to have more foes than friends. Categorically, the story of modern civilization will be incomplete without referencing the contributions of the Igbo race

There is no country in the world one won’t find an Igbo tribe running all forms of legitimate business. Is it in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and down to the Middle East, the Igbo man is there waxing very strong. You can find the Igbo tribe in the boards of multi national corporations. They own and control large businesses across the globe. Mention some of the inventors, medical doctors and best economists in the world, an Igbo blood is there. The achievements of the Igbo tribe speaks so much volume about their peculiarity

It’s paramount to state comprehensively that this commentary is not designed in anyway to whitewash any personality. It’s simply an attempt to commend the efforts of one of our own whose achievements in diaspora speaks volume


Ike Agu, who is famously known as AllaBama is Nigeria’s International award-winning musician, songwriter, producer, businessman, a web developer, and award-winning Media Personality. The New York International Network is Ike Agu public notice board. Though, it is also known as AGU’s Center for Media and Music production/music Education.

Ike Agu who is an indigene of Imo State was the 1st Vice-Chair of PMAN, Lagos-Branch, and also served as the Chairman of the Anti-piracy group in Lagos, Nigeria. He has 4 albums to his credit and still actively plays music. Till date, Agu remains the first Nigerian musician who withdrew all his works from the Nigerian market and left the country on a self-imposed exile, due to tribalism and other political upheaval. Notably, he is a very outspoken man who started making headlines since he was a teenager. He is the founder of the Musicians of the Niger/NIGERIAN FM and the publisher of the NewsCap

Ike Agu was among the headliners that played at Obama’s inaugural ball in 2009. He performed his hit song “Obama: The Wind of Çhange” at the event celebrating the historic inauguration of President-elect. Ike Agu has won several awards in the United States. He is a man who cut his professional teeth in the late 80s. A man of few words but laced with staggering actions

Ndi Igbo are blessed with men and women of substance. The achievements of the illustrious sons and daughters of Ndi Igbo in diaspora keep re-defining the uniqueness of the Igbo race. However, Ike Agu presently resides in New York City and has remained a strong force to reckon with in the music and media industry

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is writer and investigative journalist


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