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Ike Ekweremadu disgraces Gov. Willie Obiano over Peter Obi


*As Gov Obiano continues sinking like a stone thrown in a sea!*

A true story of Gov Obiano’s visit to Sen. Ike Ekweremadu  [pictured above], an encounter that landed the parvenu governor in a real shit…

Those who still claiming that Sen. Ike Ekweremadu disgraced Gov. Willie Obiano have to realise that a city of dreams is also a stuff of nightmares!

As he desired immediately after his swearing in as Anambra State governor in March 17th 2014, full of delusional grandeur as the undisputed leader of Igbos, Gov. Willie Obiano recently visited the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

Obiano started with his normal signature of rendering his normal sermon of lampooning his maker by telling Ekweremadu the need for Igbos to work together.

All the homilies he delivered of how Igbos should work together were all centered on how Mr. Peter Obi should be dealt with. His mission and vision of Igbos coming together was all to set Obi against Ekweremadu, he made mention to him several times that Obi is contesting to become the Vice President. 

The entire episode came to a point that embarrassed Ekweremadu cannot take any more that made Ekweremadu to ask the egoistic governor whether Mr. Obi was not qualified.

And as he believed in going with one guts is same as biting the fingers that fed him, Ekweremadu dressed him down, by telling him how wicked he is to be castigating a man who single handedly not only made him the Governor, but left for him a whooping over N75 billion Naira in the coffers of the state, which nobody has ever witnessed in the entire history of Nigeria. 

Ekweremadu told him that point blank for any foul word against Obi makes him appear dangerous, wicked, ungrateful and vile among Nigerians. 

Obiano is not happy over the development and was the one who ended up confiding it to some of his associates and adherents!

So from every indication, ‪‎correction 2017‬ is the penalty that awaits this man that has jammed his two feet into a big shit!

By a.k.a. Aluta Panorama

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