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Ike Oligbo continues Coronavirus awareness/ prevention campaign in Nnewi


Day 6: Ike Oligbo Foundation medical team arrives Nnewi in continuation of the foundation’s Coronavirus awareness and prevention campaign in Anambra State

Information is power and prevention is better than cure. At Nnewi, the medical team started their awareness and prevention campaign at Nnewi roundabout and thereafter proceeded to Nnewi traffic light junction.

The campaign team succeeded in reaching out to all classes of people including children. Covid – 19 preventive kits such as sanitizers, face masks and hand gloves were distributed to the people. The people equally were given tips on how to use the kits.

In addition the people were enjoined to observe measures such as social distancing, staying at home, washing hand regularly with soap or using alcohol based sanitizer periodically in order to stay safe.

Other staying safe tips like avoiding touching nose, mouth, eyes with unwashed hands and coughing and sneezing into one’s bent elbow or tissue were also given to the people.

Coronavirus is real, #StaySafe

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