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Imo Must Not Go Back To Egypt ~ By Onwuasonaya FCC Jones


This is election season and in our clime, election seasons are seasons of lies, of comedy and of the most ridiculous rantings. This is not because our politicians do not know how best to play politics, after all, they are regular visitors to Europe, America and even the well governed parts of Asia.

A number of them even boast of their crash courses in Harvard, Cambridge and Leeds. They choose the path of ludicrous politicking, because they do not have any respect for the ordinary Nigerian.

They see the ordinary Nigerian as an unfortunate idiot, who can be fed with anything and he or she would not chew before swallowing it with relish.

There is an abundant of inept moneybags who feel that political power can be bought with bags of money, hence, they rush into politics without the slightest idea of what the people really want and how to provide them.

They sing the same old and boring songs at different campaign venues, desperate to get on the back of the people to clinch power.

There are about 67 governorship candidates with only about five of them considered by analysts as serious contenders. Among this five, four have made no pretenses of their intent in seeking to govern Imo State.

None of them has given a clear blueprint on what they will be offering Imolites should they be elected. They seem to be united in vendetta, the most bitter form of it. If they are not telling you that they are coming to recover, they will tell you they are coming to restore or they are coming to rebuild.

And there is the ticket thief whose  handlers seem to be battling to come up with a selling point, hence, they went  with his name.

There is the bumbling clown who was a mechanic few weeks ago, but has suddenly turned to a timekeeper with a bell, tomorrow he might choose to go half nake to buttress his desperation. His only offer is One Chance!

Imolites are in consensus on the decision to move Imo State forward. Going back is destructive, and that is what everyone of the other candidates is offering. They want to take Imo back to what it used to be before 2011.

Before 2011, free education was seen as an impossible political promise by everyone one of them. Fees were charged at all levels of schooling in the State. Today, the story is different. Education is free in Imo.

Those who are coming with the agenda of Rebuild, Restoring or Recovering are coming to restore, rebuild and reconvene fees in our schools.

Before 2011, there were no eight lane roads anywhere in Imo State, there were no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th inland roads, there were no tunnels or flyovers, there were no new police, prisons and DSS headquarters.

There were no Eastern Palm University, Imo State College of Education, 27 New General Hospitals, Imo State University of Science and Technology, Imo State University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

There was no good security of lives and properties, there was no guarantee for freedom of speech and after speech, there was no political tolerance, there were no industries, there was no urban renewal, there was no Imo Security Network, there was no Avu Modern Mechanic Village, there were no Imo International Convention Center, Imo International Modern Market, etc.

They want to return us to those dark days when these things were lacking, they want to wipe away these massive progresses made in our State.

They want to rebuild a system where our youths are only considered fit enough for thuggery, and other dirty political jobs, instead of taking up assignments as Commissioners, SAs and contractors.

Imo deserves someone who is committed to working for the continued development and prosperity of the State. Anything else is a return to Egypt; to underdevelopment, insecurity, poverty, oppression, etc.

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