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Imo Petition Tribunal: History Has Vindicated Ihedioha

His hat-trick, a victory for Imolites By Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu


I write to heartily congratulate His Excellency, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha, on his resounding hatrick at the Imo State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal which sat yesterday in Abuja. It didn’t come to me as a surprise that the Tribunal confirmed Rt Hon Ihedioha duly elected as the 6th Executive Governor of Imo State at the March 9 gubernatorial election.

This is based on the fact that truth can’t be hidden for long, for any attempt to bend or cover the truth will always end in futility, because truth is constant.

Yesterday, I posted a similar article titled: “Imo Tribunal: History Will Vindicate Ihedioha”. In that article I made it abundantly clear that the truth is that Gov Ihedioha won the 2015 guber elections but was robbed by ex-governor Rochas Okorocha and his accomplice son-in-law, Uche Nwosu.

If not for that day light robbery, this election would have commenced Gov Ihedioha’s second term in office. But to God be the glory, as the saying goes, it is better late than never.

Like I wrote earlier, politics to me, is arithmetic. It is easy to decipher where the political pendulum is swinging to by gauging public opinion. The people of Imo State know those politicians who love them and those who do not.

The understand that there is a need to wrest power from self-serving politicians and give to a selfless and focused leader like Gov. Ihedioha. The truth is that the people also know that in all modesty, there is no comparison between Gov Ihedioha and the other candidates that challenged his election at the Tribunal.

Politically and otherwise, he is more equipped and exposed than all of them, having spent 12 unbroken years as a member of the House of Representatives, where he served as the number 4 and 6 citizen of this country, respectively.

Noteworthy too, is the fact that Gov Ihedioha has been more sincere and consistent in his political ideology than the other candidates. This uncommon attribute has been proved by the fact that he is the only one among these politicians that has never changed his political party since he joined party politics in 1999. The rest have been consistently changing party based on their personal interest and ambition.

Academically too, he is also sound, having acquired a verifiable university degree, unlike some of the candidates who can only boast of unverifiable “Affidavit” certificates.

Based on the foregoing, I can say without fear of contradiction, that between the other candidates, Gov Ihedioha is the most qualified and prepared to serve Imo State as Governor. So why won’t the people go for the best when they have learnt from experience that there is no other alternative to the best.

Consequently, it is no longer in doubt that the verdict of the Tribunal, only echoed the wishes of Imolites that Rt Hon Ihedioha should be their leader.

While I commend Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume, Sen. Hope Uzodinma and Hon. Uche Nwosu for their efforts at the Tribunal, I also urge them to show political maturity by congratulating the Governor and supporting the government to succeed. Anything short of that will leave any sound mind in doubt as to the sincerity of their purpose.

I also want to seize this medium to most respectfully request Gov Ihedioha to be magnanimous in victory by reaching out to the other candidates as the father of the State. There is every need for all hands to be on deck to salvage our beloved State.

According to former Governor Ikedi Ohakim, “Imo State is in intensive care unit” and requires collective effort to revive . There is no gainsaying the fact that by virtue of his cosmopolitan nature, Gov Ihedioha will capture the 3 Senatorial Districts of the State in his programmes.

Therefore, it is now incumbent on the other candidates to take necessary steps to ensure that the peace and unity that once existed in the State before 2011, is returned without delay. In conclusion, it is not out of place to say that the victory at the Tribunal, is not only a victory for Gov Ihedioha, but also a victory for the longsufferring people of Imo State who had endured 8 years of unprecedented, excruciating and “Egyptian” suffering under the defunct Okorocha’s regime.

Imolites relieved the resilient spirit for which they are known for, by fighting to recover their mandate which was stolen by Okorocha in 2015. That is why every Imo citizen should see themselves as part and parcel of this government by supporting the Rebuild Imo Agenda of Gov Ihedioha, for the betterment of our dear State.

Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu; bobekene@gmail.com

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