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Imo: Things this regime should be sharing

By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

The current regime in Imo State is certainly confused. In fact, it’s confusion personified. It’s not unexpected though, when the fact that it’s a creation of the Association of Perpetually Confused!

As a starter, the regime confuses Imo people and members of the wider society with the thrust of its agenda. While we hear about the 3Rs of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery (whatever those mean), we also hear about “Shared Prosperity”! Is this regime a 3R regime or Shared Prosperity regime?

In this short essay, I’ll articulate things that are being negative shared by this regime. I’ll also highlight the positive things that should be shared in addition to so-called prosperity.

First, this regime is sharing poverty. It’s sharing poverty and penury, hunger and disease, sickness and death. No controversy about that! The recent sharing of “ambulances” is a very good evidence!

That conclusion was also reached because of its blatant refusal to pay salaries and pensions as and when due, even after confessing that there’s excess money in Imo Treasury! Why are a large number of Imo workers swearing that they’ve not been paid, but this regime is insisting that they’ve been paid?

From experience, am inclined to side the helpless and hapless civil servants and senior citizens, because they know the implications of getting paid by the regime but denying publicly that haven’t been paid. It’s easier for the regime to tell lies than the unpaid workers and pensioners. This regime hasn’t paid Imo workers and pensioners; at least a large number of them. And they all can’t be wrong!

Second, this regime is sharing damage to vehicles because of its refusal to construct totally dilapidated Imo roads. Drive a brand new 2020 model Toyota Camry on Orlu-Owerri Road, to and fro, today and be sure that it has suffered at least 25% damage to its shock absorbers, axles, exhaust pipes, bumpers, wheels, and steering bar, to mention but few.

You can then imagine the fate of 1990 model Honda Civic or Mazda 626! Or even the shakabula modelless commuter buses that convey people to and fro Owerri and Orlu, Owerri-Okigwe, Owerri-Mbaise etcetera, in the very rough manner rumminants are transported from North to South in those days!

Third, this regime is sharing lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail. They say one thing and do another thing. They do one thing and say another. Much of what it says are promptly debunked and refuted with verifiable facts and figures by the opposition. And before the people recover from the guffaw over an existing lie, the regime farts another lie! Hence, the sharing of lies persists!

See how the N330 million lie was declared d.o.a (dead on arrival) with facts and figures by Chief Chime Aliliele, former Chairman Imo State Pension Commission!

There are indeed various things that this regime is sharing that negate its claims to be sharing prosperity. I can’t list them all here. No need!

But I must further mention that this regime is sharing hatred malice and animosity of all sorts because of its non-inclusive, “winner” takes it all policy. Consequently, there is distrust and lack of confidence in the regime, with Imo people bearing the grievous brunt!

From the fillers we get from other factions of Imo APC, which facilitated the taking over of Douglas House by this regime, it’s a very selfish regime! That’s in the public domain!

Conversely, there are things this regime should be sharing which it isn’t sharing. Love, care, sympathy, empathy, encouragement, empowerment, motivation, inspiration and everything that should make life worth living for Imo people. None of the above is being shared by this regime!

If the above listed things are understood by this regime as the real meaning of “prosperity”, then it would have seen that the payment of salaries and pensions to Imo workers and pensioners is a frontline charge and priority!

It’ll have seen as very important the restoration and sustenance of public water supply, public electricity supply, public healthcare delivery, public school system and such infrastructure that are commonly shared by the generality of Imo people!

Somebody may argue that these things can’t be done simultaneously at the same time. But such argument exposes cluelessness, ineptitude incompetence, confusion, ignorance, and ignoramus about sectoral need assessment, balancing and servicing. Surely, all can be done at the same time in appropriate measures by a seasoned manager of men and materials!

Therefore, much as this strange regime may have its way with its fictitious claims to sharing prosperity, Imo people must have their say with the truth that as per the last six months since this regime took over power, what it’s sharing so far in Imo State is poverty! No controversy about that! If any, let’s see the hat in ring! Happy new week, Ndimo!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!

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