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Implosion In IPOB: Again, Uche-Mefor Spits Fire, Describes Himself As Razor


The deputy leader of the proscribed movement in Nigeria, Uche-Mefor has fired another stern warning to Nnamdi Kanu and other members of the DOS who are secretly plotting to remove and disgrace him out of his position. Mefor who sounded visibly bitter said, “I am a razor, if you attempt to cut me without consideration of those who have died for this cause, then when I cut, I will cut and cut you deeply”. This statement has generated a lot of tension among the members of the group. It is quite becoming more apparent that the structure of IPOB is suffering from an unprecedented crack as the loyalty of its leaders and members have been fragmented into pieces.

ElombahNews had earlier reported about the looming storm in IPOB after one of the front line member, Bright Chimezie Ishinwa called for the immediate resignation of their deputy leader. Ishinwa accused Mefor of giving out vital information to the perceived enemies of IPOB. Likewise some members of the group who doesn’t understand the root cause of Mefor’s recent outburst also joined in calling for his resignation.

Moreover, when IPOB members thought that the sand storm raised by Inshinwa was about to settle, another member of the movement, Emeka Gift, former National coordinator of IPOB in Ivory Coast and purveyor of fake news labeled Mefor saboteur. He accused Mefor of planning a “Coup D’etat” with some members of the DOS who are not longer loyal to their fugitive leader, Nnamdi Kanu. He said Uche-Mefor and other apostates in the movemt have hijacked the entire IPOB structure in the whole of Africa.

Mefor who appears more diplomatic, on several occasion has admonished and appealed for a change of approach and attitude among it’s members but it seems his pleas infuriated some power drunken demagogues who desperately desire the maintenance of the present status quo at all cost.

Investigation by our correspondent shows that all is not well with the proscribed movement. A serious implosion is about to happen in the organization in no distant time. This looming implosion will definitely unveil a lot of secrets which have been hidden from its members and the general public as well for so long. One of our source who is familiar with every development in IPOB DOS authoritatively informed our correspondent that some members of the DOS are sick and tired of Kanu’s empty rants on radio Biafra and if something is not done to reverse the movement back to the path of glory, many egg heads of the organization will desert and abandone Kanu for good.

Nnamdi Kanu has been accused of converting the movement to a family oriented venture. His former comrades have also alleged that Kanu embezzled and squandered billions of naira meant for buying of arms for the group. Till date, the fugitive leader of the proscribed movement is yet to account for the money.

However, any form of implosion in IPOB will be catastrophic as the movement will be in total disarray and it will amount to a very great victory to Buhari’s audacious government.


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