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Incessant Attacks On BRT Buses In Lagos

It has come to the notice of APC LAGOS that hoodlums and miscreants have been attacking BRT Buses in Lagos at the drop of a hat and even when a minor

incident occurs that has nothing to do with BRT.

Each time there is a little problem these people vent their anger on BRT Buses.

On Wednesday JUNE 29 2016 in Maryland Lagos an incident caused by a bottling Company took place which led to the death of one person.

As a consequence of this these hoodlums seized Maryland on Ikorodu Road and inflicted colossal and monumental damages on 49 BRT Buses and disrupted the operations of the transport Company.

Commuters were harassed and their precious gift of time wasted.

This is unacceptable. This incident happened simply because KAI Officials were trying to enforce the LAGOS traffic laws that permit it to rid Ikorodu Road of hawkers and street traders for easy flow of traffic.

We regret the death of this young person which was purely an accident and pray that his soul rest in perfect peace . We use this medium to console the family of the deceased.

It is also important that we use this opportunity to appeal to Lagosians to be law abiding and avoid taking laws into their hands.

Many of these BRT Buses are run and managed by private organizations with private funds and LAGOS State government does not own them.

These private owners partner with the State Government to make transportation easy for Lagosians.

Lagosians are supposed to be civilized people who ask questions before taking actions and persons along BRT Corridors are no exception.

We hope that this is the last time this type of incident will happen in Lagos that will lead to wanton destruction of private property in an attempt to get at LASG.

Joe Igbokwe


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