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Incessant Reckless And Wasteful Spending By Imo Government


It is only in IMO that am emperor is an empire, yes, many would say, this guy is insane, how can one be an emperor and an empire, I will leave you in suspense with that inward within question which I will talk about next time.
The continuous cry of this baby (Imo social media activists)in our state is the resultant effect of the deaf ear in which the sound cries of the baby has fallen on over the years, though, it has curtailed certain excessive recklessness. But each time I wake up, I see the baby crying for mercy and help as the baby is always been beating mercilessly by one man on daily basis. I have felt the cries of the baby and has given my advise to the baby but this baby has not been able to stop the cries and hit hard on this heartless man that beats him continuously without sympathy, conscience nor fear of God, Oh shall we leave all to God?
Why The Silence?
When shall our leaders and other social group raise against the wicked experience we witness in our state?
IMO social media activists have cried out enough over the wastage of tax payers money in meaningless and impressionistic sub standard projects.
The execution of China projects in our dear state (IMO) are unplanned, unthoughtful, baseless and apparently wasteful and uselessly useless. Its quit unfortunate that our legislative and judicial arms of the government are extremely in a dormancy state of regrettably worrisome and has lost the prowess of legislative authority in totality. Its unfortunate that our legislators has keyed in to the line of sycophants.
What A State Of Deteriorated and Unwholesome Legislative Arm?
Last year, it was alleged that IMO government spent over #700m to host Nigeria first lady. It was on that same last year Christmas that it was also alleged in some quarters that IMO government spent over #650M on road decorations only, which the government never did refute as against the speculations by various quarters.
He Wasted #650M, and none of the decorations lasted the test of one year, what a state of a confused leader?
This year, they hosted Nigeria First Acting Lady which cost over #560M.
While IMO workers and pensioners are dying of hunger, they erected a statue of the most corrupt serving President in the world which was also alleged to be over #520M,what a wasteful wastage of Imolite resources?

Don’t forget that all these reckless spending of our money happened and are happening at a period when the Nation is striving her possible best to come out of recession.
As IMO workers and pensioner are unbearably suffering, our government has embarked on her usual showmanship known style of decorating the capital city of IMO with over #850 as alleged.
A visit to our rural areas, will make you to stone a man.
I am bittered because, the cries of the baby has appeared to be as if am they only one hearing the painful sounds of the baby’s voice of cry. Some of us has questioned the government to give us reasons why we should spend over #850 on decoration just to impress our brothers and sisters in diaspora while they return, but the emperor failed to understand that this decoration doesn’t go beyond the few roads of Owerri municipal and a little party of Owerri west and North respectively, leaving the remaining 24 LGAs in comatose state. Mind you, these reckless expenses were never captured in the budget neither does he implement the outlined budgets as passed by his errand boys.
There is a proposal I designed with a capital of #850M. In that proposal, if I am given this money that is being uselessly spent on decoration, I will engage over 200 youths comfortably. Don’t forget that this administration did promise us factories, industries, jobs, etc., yet none was achieved as they continue to siphon the state treasury through chopping as they claimed they don’t eat government money.
This was how billions of our bail out fund was embezzled. First and second Paris club’s Refund of over #12B embezzled. No one questioned about the where about of these monies till now.
I am calling on all NGOs to raise against this broad day waste of our hard gotten resources on useless shallow projects that has no economic input to our dear state, to join their voice against this #850M decoration bid.
The decoration will not put food on the tables of Imolites, it will not gainfully engage a single youth, it will not generate a kobo into IMO treasury, Why Allow It To A Reality?
If we continue to remain unconcerned about this evil been meted on our state, we may end up not having a state that will  survive without borrowing.

 – By Comr Ezekwe Uche


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