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Incitement of machete attack on Chimamanda: An Abomination!

By Chuks Uzodinma

Nigerians from all walks of life have continued to condemn the comments of a Nigerian writer who said that people should attack prominent author, Chimamanda Adichie with machetes because of opinions she expressed in a 2017 interview.

The writer also set off others by saying that the recent sudden passing of her parents within months of each other was a deserved punishment.

A concerned Nigerian, popular journalist and former Channels TV news anchor, Sulaiman Aledeh, in reaction, said that such comments are unacceptable and must be condemned.

Sulaiman Aledeh
Popular journalist and former Channels TV news anchor, Sulaiman Aledeh

“A Nigerian writer, Akwaeke Emezi, has said that people should attack Chimamanda Adichie with machetes,” Aledeh wrote in an article which he published on his news site.

“To say that the death of her parents was deserved is immoral and completely deplorable” he said.

He went further to write: “These statements are abominations. Nothing justifies them”.

Aledeh pointed out that inciting people to attack Adichie – “or anyone at all for that matter” – with machetes is “barbaric“ even if they later claim it was not meant to be taken literally.”

Another concerned Nigerian said that “it is indeed truly an abomination, that such utterances should be generated by an Igbo person, even leaving aside that the person was attacking a fellow Igbo.

“This would traditionally be unacceptable in Igbo culture but it points to the gradual dehumanization of our society in general,” he added.

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