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Increasing Igbo Professionals Supporting Biafra Is Frightening—Anayo Nwosu

I have observed with trepidation, the increasing intellectual support being given to Biafran struggles by highly placed Igbo professionals in all areas of life. 

This is very dangerous and should be curbed. 

The key guys pushing for Biafra are all below 50 years and were born after the Civil War and cannot be scared by the tales of the plights of their fore-bearers during the war. 

Surprisingly, the Biafran war veterans have also joined the struggles availing of the needed experience to better the struggle. 

The new Igbo intelligentsia longer could make do with the idea of sticking with and managing in country that is not making progress. 

Why won’t the government engage these young people before it is too late? 

Right now, Nnamdi Kanu commands more respect in East than all the elected leaders, royal fathers and religious leaders combined. 

Surprisingly, no Igbo man asks the state of origin and dialect of this new leader. The new Igbo nation is looking well gelled. 

The zeal of many Igbo youths to have a separate country is turning frightening. 

But, who would the Nigeria federation offend by letting this annoying Igbo tribe go form their own country?

Does it mean that Nigeria cannot continue progressing without the Igbos?

Must the Igbo keep on insulting other tribes and bringing to their utter disappointment and embarrassment what they call the greediness, laziness and backwardness of other constituents units? 

Except if the Igbos have not completed their jail sentence in Nigeria or compulsory Lord Lugard punishment, other tribes of Nigeria should call the Igbo bluff. 

Nigeria shouldn’t bother as it will not lose the whole Igbo tribe to Biafra as there are many patriotic and thick-skinned Igbo people who are prominent members of the ruling party who will remain with them after the secessionists have gone.                        

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