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What Manner Of Love For President Buhari ― By Muhammad Ajah


While speaking recently at the palace of the Emir of Katsina, Dr. Abdulmumini Usman, Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, reaffirmed his love for President Muhammadu Buhari and cherished his relationship with him in since both of the joined together to lead the nation. 

He declared: “The president has been treating me as a brother. In fact, the president has taken me as a son in the way he treats me. Going by the amount of responsibilities the president has given me; it shows that he seriously believes that we can live as brothers in this country. 

He seriously believes in the unity of Nigeria. I pray the Lord will preserve our president to continue to lead us just as the nation has voted him to do so.”

The mere mention of the name of President Muhammadu Buhari is a solution to many problems in Nigeria. It is simply an intoxicant to the souls of millions of Nigerians. The name, in Nigeria today as always, is a scarecrow for some and a gentle guide to others. 

It is a name whose effects generate immediate hypertension in some, cause unconsciousness for some and relieve others of heartaches and satanic tendencies against Nigerians and the nation. A name that is so much loved by patriots and so much hated by hypocrites and conspirators. 

But the name has come to be a mirror in the history of Nigeria, a name that even the bad eggs cum political cabals in the society, will reckon with in future.

Yes, the love which patriotic Nigerians have for President Buhari is really immeasurable. I cannot quantify it myself, though mine overflows ordinary emotion. 

Great past and present military and democracy leaders in Nigeria, even at par in political influences, experiences and interests, have praised Buhari at different occasions, testifying his dignity, integrity, patriotism, dedication to national service and development, as well as Buhari’s disdain of sloth, inhumanity, indiscipline, corruption and national misconceptions. 

I will use some of the superb quotes on the perception and beliefs of Nigerians about Buhari to conclude this piece. This is a man who contested the presidential elections four times and practically won all but was denied the three previous ones. His popularity has consistently grown from one time to another. 

In 2003, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) robbed him for then incumbent President Olusegun Obasanjo. Obasanjo was allocated 24,456,140 votes while 12,710,002 votes were allocated to the man of the people, Muhammadu Buhari. 

In 2007, Buhari was robbed by the INEC for late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua who was allocated 24,638,063 votes against 6,605,299 allocated to the peoples’ choice. This time, it was plotted to render him unpopular.

It did not end there. Nigerians insisted to push for him with their lives and love. Nigerians clamoured for his presidency. 

In 2011 and for the third time, INEC fixed the presidential election result at 22,495,187 votes for then incumbent past president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan against the candidate of the Nigerian masses with only 12,214,853 votes. 

It is on record that out of the exhilarating love for him, Nigerians vehemently protested which led to loss of the lives of some citizens. Surely, this was in collaboration with the powerful political elites who were and have always been afraid of being exposed and corrected. 

Then in 2015, the voices of the masses were stronger as they stood solidly for change. Against the wishes of the powerful cabals, INEC was, for the first time in the long history of Nigeria, resistant in following the old path. 

The will of the majority of the people of Nigeria prevailed and INEC responsibly declared the real winner of the presidential election where President Buhari defeated the incumbent Jonathan with 15,424,921 votes against 12,853,162. 

This was the first time in the history of Nigeria an incumbent president was defeated at the polls. What manner of love is this?

This enthralling love and compassion was further displayed during the celebrations of two more occasions: declaration of his victory at the polls and the swearing-in. Wide and wild celebrations were observed across the nation. 

History has recorded these to surpass the celebration of the 1993 victory of MKO Abiola over Bashir Tofa in 1993.  

Moreover, the President’s 51-day vacation and medical trip to London and the nationwide celebrations that followed his return were manifest of Buhari’s attachment to the Nigerian people and their affection for him. 

Many Nigerians have always been ready to lay their lives for him, not merely because he is a leader but because he is trustworthy, reliable and patriotically development-driven.  

Again, an examination of the fading faceoff between him and the senate will give another side of the love Nigerians have for him. It is like the people say: “Do not our anointed any harm”. 

In most states especially of the north, the lawmakers fighting Buhari have difficulties in accessing their communities. Some of them have been receiving bashings from their constituencies and districts. This is an immediate reaction. 

Some have already been penciled down by their people never to return to the hallowed chambers in 2019. What manner of love is this?

Now, wherever Buhari goes, there is no rented crowd. Thousands of patriots troop out en masse to welcome him. Nigerians gather in their thousands to pray for him. Even in those areas where he was presumed to be less loved, he is overwhelmingly received and hailed. 

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