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It is futile to place your lives in the hands of men/women whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them, or in the world of the less developed communities, they connive to steal the votes, 

The global community is a pyramid. 

At the apex of the pyramid are the good things of life, luxuries, ornaments, good food, wealth, knowledge and power.

Everyone struggles to get to the to the top but there is only very limited space at the apex of the world community, and thus only a limited few is able to get to the top and stay there.

On the other hand, at the base of the pyramid is a very large space, and this could contain a great multitude of people.

The space narrows and narrows as the pyramid progresses higher and higher.

Everyone fights, struggles to get to pinnacle of the pyramid, but Only the fittest and the strongest will get to the top and manage to stay there.

Of course as the pyramid progresses, the space/platform narrows and so does the human residents on each platform of the pyramid gets smaller and smaller and you reach higher to the top.

There are several roads to the apex of the pyramid, however, The three principal routes of climbing to the top of the pyramid are the three main global community: The Political Community, the Commercial/Business Community and the Religious Community.

It used to be that the Religious Community was the dominant class and route for getting to the top, but that is no longer the case.

The political class is now dominant followed by or in league with the business class.

Be that as it may, whatever route that fate, destiny or choice leads you to take in your struggles to get there, It takes gut, guile, a certain amount of ruthlessness, sagacity, perseverance, hard-work, tenacity, wisdom and strength, or a combination of all depending on your chosen route.

Everyone start his/her long climb to the top from the base, and climb and climb and climb as the pyramid narrows as you climb higher and higher.

One thing though, the stairs to the top of the pyramid are constructed with fellow humans, all climbing and struggling to get to the top. The consequences is that you have to step on others, pull others down on your way to the top. This requires guile, wisdom, cunning, ruthlessness or strength.

Each platform of the platform is designed to contain only a specified number of people, just as the apex can only contain a specific number of inhabitants.

Since that were the case, getting to a platform means not only that you will fight your best to remain there because as others below you struggles to climb up those not strong enough to keep their position are pulled down to make way for the newly strong, newly rich and newly powerful enough to displace their predecessors.

Now, as noted above, you have to step on others, climb over your fellow humans, pull others down on your way to the top. This brings us to the main point of this essay.

The dominant and most powerful class today is the political community. While the religious and community is still very influential, the political route is your surest route to the top, let no man convince you otherwise. That is why the most ruthless, most focused and the most determined climbers to the top of our pyramid are of the political class.

These “Great men are not born great, they grow great . . .” 

These group of people could only get to the top by using every means at the their disposal; conning the masses of people, the majority of whom remain at the base; killings and murders; fraud; coup detats, stolen elections and vote buying; bribery, lying and shenanigan. Politics is war by other means, the art of the possible. In politics as in war, every weapon is legitimate.

They are predators, and In the Bible of the predators 'Might is right.'

The only qualification of this band of men is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them, or in the world of the less developed communities, they connive to steal the votes, and like The Godfather, 'I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.'

Before I go, let me leave you with this quote from The Dogs of War, page 221, written by Frederick Forsyth:

"But why do there have to be wars? Why can’t they all live in peace?“

He stirred and in the darkness scowled at the ceiling

“Because there are only two kinds of people in this world: the predators and the grazers. And the predators always get to the top, because they’re prepared to fight to get there and consume people and things  that get in their way. The others haven’t the nerve, or the courage, or the hunger or the ruthlessness. So the world is governed by the predators, who become the potentates. And the potentates are never satisfied. They must go on and on seeking more of the currency they worship.”

“In the Communist world–and don’t ever kid yourself into thinking the Communist leaders are peace-loving–the currency is power. Power, power, and more power, no matter how many people have to die so they can get it. In the capitalist world the currency is money. More and more money. Oil, gold, stocks and shares, more and more, are the goals, even if they have to lie, steal, bribe, and cheat to get it. These make the money and the money buys the power. So really it all comes back to the lust for power. If they think there’s enough to be taken, and it needs a war to grab it, you get a war. The rest, the so-called idealism, is a load of cock.”…

“Victors are always right. There’s a nice little adage I heard once: ‘God is on the side of the big battalions.’ It’s the gospel of the rich and powerful, the cynical and the gullible. Politicians believe in it, the so-called quality newspapers preach it. The truth is, the Establishment is on the side of the big battalions, because it created and armed them in the first place. It never seems to occur to the millions of readers of that garbage that maybe God, if there is one, has something to do with truth and justice and compassion rather than sheer brute force, and that truth and justice might possibly be on the side of the little platoons. Not that it matters. The big Battalions always win, and the ‘serious’ press always approves, and the grazers always believe it.”…

“Yes, and  I could live on, like a battery hen, in one of these futile cities. Filling in futile forms, paying futile taxes to enable futile politicians and state managers to fritter away on electorally useful white elephants. I could earn a futile salary in a futile office and commute futilely on a train, morning and evening, until a futile retirement. I prefer to do it my way, live my way and die my way."


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