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The Anambra State government  through the instrumentality of its Signage and Advertisement Agency(ANSAA), Monday said any governorship aspirant in the forthcoming governorship poll would pay N9 million each to paste their posters in any part of the state.

According to the details, the agency would drag any aspirant who contravenes the rule before a court of competent jurisdiction.

The Managing Director of ANSAA, Chief Jude Emecheta, told journalists that the law did not permit indiscriminate pasting of posters, all over the state and defacing and distorting the beautiful natural scenes and ambience of the state's environment. 

The ANSAA boss stated that aspirants must pay before their posters could be permitted in any part of the state, noting that the agency would need money to clean up the environmental mess generated by such posters after the elections.

The policy has however elicited mixed reactions in the state. One of the governorship aspirants in the state who craved anonymity described the government pronouncement as unconscionable.

He said “At the appropriate time we shall challenge the so-called law. Instead of them to say if you challenge Obiano in that election, you pay N9m, they are talking this rubbish.

" All aspirants must be given unfettered opportunity in the contest; nobody will be allowed to set unconscionable conditions in the race. 

"Anambra state government is not INEC that sets guidelines in election. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and nobody can change it with domestic and obnoxious laws,." the aspirant stated.

Emecheta said a public enlightenment on the modalities for putting up election posters would commence from February  to let politicians know that they would not be allowed to paste election posters on  public buildings, electric poles, bridges, road dividers, roundabouts and others.

 He added that the agency would direct politicians and their supporters on where to paste election materials.

 “It’s a quasi-criminal offence for any person not to pay government revenue. Any politician, who fails to pay their bills before making campaign posters public, would have the agency to contend with in the court of law".

'So we are asking politicians; “don't say Willie Obiano is pursuing you or APGA is chasing you around”. Do the needful to avoid prosecution".

He said politicians who wished to put up billboards need to go through recognized advertising agencies in the state, insisting that no poster or election material of even the incumbent governor would be posted without payment.

From Chuks Collins, Awka


Jan 30,2017


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