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Call me any name you like: Shiite, Infidel, Pagan or whatever. I am a human being before any religious affiliation. Humanity and Islam are inseparable.

I can never support injustice and unfairness. Just like Zaria massacre, Aba massacre, Agatu massacre etc. Southern Kaduna killings is Evil, wickedness and injustice.

A Governor is the chief security officer of his state, no citizen is allowed under our Constitution to take another citizen's life in the name of reprisal or whatever jargon you called it.

And adding salt to the wound is the statement of Kaduna state Governor, Nasir Elrufai who claimed to have traced the killers, he openly claimed to have identified their whereabouts, but instead of arresting and prosecuting them, he confessed paying them money as compensation for what he want us to believe is the reason behind that senseless killings.

He said it was a reprisal attack and that he begged those murderers not to kill again... The fact that the killing continues unabated after the compensation shows that Mr Governor is somehow economical with the truth. Many helpless citizens lives are PERISHING in Southern Kaduna, credited to our silence.

Worse still, I listened to Elrufai on radio while I was in Kaduna last week, in an interview where he rest the blame squarely on the victims makes me wonder what is wrong with our humanity? I wasn't surprised as women stunned him like Lucifer.

The pain of loosing loved ones is indescribable. We have failed southern Kaduna people by allowing sentiment to becloud our sense of reasoning and judgement.

I refuse to be a bloodthirsty bigot like Buhari, Buratai and Elrufai who murdered over a thousand Shiites minority Muslims in Zaria, toward the end of 2015 and dumped bodies in mass graves, hiding behind a mere allegation of road blockage offense to execute a sectarian intolerance agenda.

Now the same Elrufai is boasting of paying murderers who are killing southern Kaduna people unjustly.

I don't know if bloodshed is all they came to do in government? Is he not tired of staining his hands with the blood of the innocent?

Even a security operative that is legally allowed to kill in some specified circumstances and situations is not allowed to carry out an extra judicial killings. And if he does, it can never be in accordance with any law, religious or otherwise.

It will be termed as a summary murder and will be made to face the wrath of the law. And here we are, Herdsmen taking the law into their hands killing helpless citizens indiscriminately and perpetrators were tracked and identified but instead of apprehension and prosecution, they are being compensated.

What a world of injustice!

Such acts is bringing a bad name to Islam. A good Muslim can never be biased, unfair and wicked even to his enemies let alone his subjects.

This act isn't Islamic in every sense, I follow the Qur'an and authentic traditions of our Holy Prophet Muhammad(s) that I learned from the Alhlulbayt(AS), those tradition that teaches Piety, Justice, Fairness, Compassion, Good morals and Love.

I will never subscribe to the creed of the likes of Ibn Taimiyyah and Abdulwahab of Saudi Arabia that teaches hatred, killing and destruction in the name of jihad.

Southern kaduna people are human beings for God's sake, they deserve justice and fair treatment and it is a duty incumbent upon the Governor Islamically and constitutionally to protect their lives and properties, and not to be compensating those killing them unjustly.

We study and understand Islam as a religion of peace founded on knowledge Justice and fairness.

Those causing trouble in the name of Islam are misguided ignorant sponsored thugs who shares the same ideology with Buhari, Buratai and Elrufai, not forgetting Boko Haram, ISIS, AlQaida Etc. Who are expecting 72 virgins in paradise as reward for killing infidels.

That is why they are killing Shiites, Christians and everyone who differs from their cultic reasoning.

Killing in whatever name and for whatever reason must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law, not otherwise. Paying compensation is an indirect endorsement and justification for the senseless killings.




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