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Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

Abia state is a potentially endowed state with perhaps the largest concentration of human and natural resources in the South East of Nigeria. Yet its the most unfortunate state in the zone , if not Nigeria as a result of the warped and myopic rulers that have superintended over her since 1999.

The state, styled God's own state is stinking of inept leadership, perturbable level of corruption and misgovernance . There is nothing anywhere in the state to show that it has received billions of Naira allocation from the federal government since 1999. Its pensioners and workers are owed arrears of pensions and salaries.

Its state and federal road network is the worst in the zone. Its rate of Youth and graduate unemployment is the worst in the zone.Yet ,its political leaders are all billionaires now courtesy of state funds.  

Its elders and senior citizens that suppose to protest and voice out have all compromised and are settled monthly by the lords at Government House at Umuahia.

Umuahia, the state capital is a glorified village with no single flyover . Aba , the commercial nerve centre is in total mess. But what is in vogue is constant dichotomy between Ukwan-Ngwa political bloc and Old Bende bloc which has made the state to remain underdeveloped.  When will Abia state join other progressive states in the South East and the Country. Time will tell but for now its a big tragedy



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