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The State Chapter of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has berated the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha over his alleged unguarded utterances on Obiano whom they described as the highly prized and politically rated person from who Owelle should learn the art of governance, rule of law and the people's way of life.

In an interview with newsmen in Owerri, yesterday, the Organising Secretary of APGA, Hon. Steve Anugwom advised the governor to stop castigating the person of the highly rated Governor Obiano and swallow his pride and approach the Anambra State Governor to educate him on what standard projects are supposed to be and what rule of law is all about, “not despotic style of governance or dancing naked in the public where by making our dear Imo State a laughing stock”.

He wondered how the governor of Imo State inspite of the hardship, despondency, and suffering of the Nigerian masses today, would expect any other rational South East governor to join the All Progressive Congress (APC) let alone a dynamic Progressive Governor as Willy Obiano whose visible and people oriented achievements have placed his state above others while his style remains a model for others, like Imo, to emulate.

He observed that APGA has always taken the lead, ensuring that those with clean records or means of livelihood have been on the helm of affairs which has been the style of All Progressive Grand Alliance, stating that the Imo State APGA has been working hard to see that such scenario is replicated here in Imo.
The party stalwart declared that come 2019, “people like Okorocha will never again govern Imo State”, adding that today the world that didn't know that Imo State is governed by a character like Rochas Okorocha have gotten to know that.

He went on to declare that Governor Obiano is a role model of a patriotic democratic leaders, which is why the entire Anambra people want him to return to power and that by 2019, it is the general wish or belief of Imo people to have the type of Anambra governors in Imo State which APGA as a political party has always fronted for elections.

Anugwom who is one of the oldest APGA serving executive members encouraged Okorocha not to be mouthy but face the numerous challenges bedeviling Imo State since “one cannot give what he does not have because he has been caught in his own booby traps”.
He expressed the hope that by 2019, technocrats and seasoned professional will govern Imo State rather than a situation where one man or a demagogue governs Imo State as a private property.

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