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Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

The World Igbo Youth Council hereby calls on Ex-Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state to contest Nigeria Presidency or Vice Presidency in 2019 general elections. 

This call has become necessary in view of his unmatched achievements as Governor of Anambra state.

He made Anambra state the most progressive and developed state in the South East if not the country even with the lean resources available to the state then.

Mr Obi, despite the achievements, was and is a very simple , humane and empathic leader.

Nigeria needs his leadership either as President or Vice President in 2019.  

We are aware that Governor Obi is a very busy Private man for now but Nigeria needs his exemplary leadership at this point in time.

We also call on other Nigerians to plead with him to answer the call of service. 

He did it in Anambra state and in the South East as the best Chairman of South East Governors Forum.

Mr Alex Okemiri

National Publicity Secretary


Elombah Television