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Rivers State Governor Wike has warned his trusted inner circle to be wary of the presence of Chief Emeh Glory Emeh who recently joined PDP from the APC.

With the Etche re-run elections a few days away, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has warned his trusted inner circle to be wary of the presence of Chief Emeh Glory Emeh who recently joined the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP from the APC.

Disclosing this to our reporter, a top ranking member of the Wike administration who craved anonymity, said that despite the open arms with which it appears the PDP and Governor Wike offered Chief Emeh as he joined the PDP, top members of the Governor’s kitchen cabinet are worried that Chief Emeh has a history of betraying all those whom he had worked with him in the past.

“Governor Wike warned us to be very, very circumspect with Chief Glory Emeh as he is a serial betrayer who qualifies to be called Ichabod because much of his glory has departed due to his many years of betraying associates and even those who gave him a lift in life.

“We were particularly warned to ensure he does not know the nitty-gritty of our engagement in the forthcoming Etche rerun elections because he may even be a mole in our fold with a specific mission to sneak in and understudy our underbelly then turn around to work against us in future or pass it to our political adversaries for money,” our source hinted.

Continuing, the source emphasised their worry since Chief Emeh crossed over to the PDP, stressing that a look at Emeh’s antecedents leaves much to be desired.

“Our major worry is that Chief Emeh has an ugly history of betraying all those whom he has associated with in the past. 

“You can be sure he left the PDP to join APC just to serve as a mole with the major objective of working against Chief Andrew Uchendu but unfortunately for the APC people they did not understand it.  

“If you take a look at the man’s political history, you will make sense of our fears especially if you understand that Sergeant Awuse and Chief Glory Emeh were made by Chief Andrew Uchendu. 

“Chief Emeh was once a Personal Assistant (PA) to Chief Uchendu but he later betrayed Chief Uchendu and ran over to become a PA to Chief Awuse as a new ally.

“Yes, Chief Emeh says he is propaganda and propaganda is in him. 

“He should have actually said that he is propaganda and betrayal and propaganda and betrayal are in him. 

“Propaganda and betrayal are two different things; Josef Goebbels was not known to have betrayed Hitler and that is the difference between Goebbels and Chief Emeh,” the source opined.  

Josiah Whyte (Political Editor)

Independent News Managers (INM), Port Harcourt


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