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Scam: Fmr Enugu Governor, Chime named in N450M campaign funds scandal


Rita Mba’s petition

The Zonal Chairman, EFCC Enugu.


Firstly, Please accept my sincere apologies for being unavoidably absent as regards the appointment at your office scheduled for 14/2/2017.

I had to travel abroad for urgent medical attention. Having said that, I have decided that my absence should neither delay nor stall the progress of your investigations, hence the need to provide this information in writing.

I was the Secretary of the Campaign Organization 2015 and I wish to use this medium to provide all the information available to me on the above subject.

Since my visit to your office, I have taken time to reflect and review all the documents available to me during the period the said funds came to Enugu.

One week before the funds were sent to Enugu, the then Governor, His Excellency Sullivan Chime called me and  informed me that he sent my name and Mr. Joe MmameI’s name to Abuja as persons to receive the funds that would be sent by Mrs. Nenadi Usman for the presidential campaign.

The funds came into Enugu while we were at a rally in Aninri LGA.

The party chairman Mr. Ikeje Asogwa approached me and told me that the governor (Sullivan Chime) directed that we should proceed to Fidelity bank to withdraw the cash, and the exact amount was not disclosed.

We made our way to Enugu and on arriving the bank, we saw Prof Osita Ogbu, Professor Nebo and Joe Mmamel. Joe Mmamel and Prof Osita Ogbu signed for the funds which was later packed in various ‘Ghana-must-go’ bags and loaded in a van with security men which they had arranged before we got to the bank. We made our way straight to the Governors lodge where the Governor Sullivan chime was residing at that time.

On getting to the lodge, Prof Nebo, Prof Ogbu, Ikeje Asogwa, Joe Mmamel, and myself, we saw Sullivan’s police orderly who told us that the Governor had instructed him to receive the money from us. He took delivery of the money and we all left the Government house. That same evening at about 7pm, Gov. Sullivan sent for me.

When I got to the venue of the meeting, at the sitting room known as the ‘red carpet’, inside the lodge, he was seated with the party chairman Ikeje Asogwa, Victor Atuonwu, his Chief of Staff, Coc Egumgbe, the deputy director of the Campaign Organization, his CSO, Ogarabe and Dr Eric Oluedo.

Gov. Sullivan then brought out a list and told us that some funds were sent from Abuja for the campaign with a list on how he should disburse the funds as the DG of the Campaign Organization. He then Called his orderly and told him to bring in the funds and he did.

I was sitting next to him and had partial view of the list, enough to see that it came In three pages labeled a, b and c.

The bags were brought in, and he started bringing out the money by himself in our presence, while cross checking with the list he had.

He proceeded to disburse the funds and I was able to note down some of the disbursements as stated below in the presence of all the people mentioned above. 

1. Gov. Sullivan gave Coc Egumgbe Five Million Naira, stating that his name was on the list from Abuja. 

2. Gov. Sullivan gave Five Million Naira to his orderly for Professor Nebo and asked it should be to sent to him. 

3. To his orderly, he gave another five million naira and asked him to send to Professor Ogbu. 

4. To his Chief Security Officer, he gave forty five million naira and asked him to give five million naira to Commissioner of Police, five million naira to GOC 82 division, five million naira to DIG and split the balance of thirty million naira to the SSS and other security agents. The CSO also received the sum of one million naira for himself. 

5. Dr Uzo got seventeen million to give to INEC Electoral officers in the seventeen local government areas in Enugu and twelve million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira for fifty one electoral officers of INEC at two hundred and fifty thousand naira per person.He also received one million, two hundred and fifty naira to disburse to the 25 INEC unit heads at fifty thousand naira per person. Dr Uzo received five hundred thousand naira for the legal officers, two million naira for the INEC HOD, two million naira for the INEC Admin secretary, five hundred thousand naira for voters education, one hundred thousand naira for His Commitee’s finance and account, one hundred thousand naira for his committee’s voters education and one million three hundred thousand naira as imprest for his commitee 

6. Dr Eric Oluedo was given the sum of two million naira by Gov. Sullivan for monitoring the election in all the local Government areas. 

7. Mr ikeje Asogwa was given the some of three million naira to share amongst the pdp executives in the state, ten million naira for himself and he collected an additional seventeen million naira as refund which he said was money he already spent in preparation for the election. 

8. To his Chief of Staff Victor Atuonwu he gave an undisclosed amount for persons contesting for different positions in the house of assembly and National Assembly. After this initial disbursement, he directed the deputy campaign DG, Coc Egumgbe Dr. Uzo and myself, to proceed to the old Governors lodge and wait for his orderly to bring the cash meant for all the local Government Chairmen. He told his Chief of Staff to call the ALGON chairman to also proceed to the old Government lodge with all the local government chairmen to receive the funds in the company of those contesting different positions in their various Local Government Areas. Present at the old lodge were myself, Ikeje Aogwa, Dr. Uzo, Uche Mgbo Nwoye – a member of Dr. Uzo’s commitee, all the local government chairmen with some of the people contesting for posts at different levels in the state. Gov. Sullivan’s orderly brought the cash already divided according to various local governments and the local government chairmen received the funds as stated below. 

9. Aninri-N6,532,000.00 

10. Agwu-N11,465,000.00 

11. Enugu East- N11,170,000.00 

12. Enugu North- N12,643,000.00 

13. Enugu south- N10,998,000.00 

14. Ezeagu- N9,220,000.00 

15. Igboetiti- N10,826,000.00 

16. Igbo eze north- N10,818,000.00 

17. Igbo eze south- N7,206,000.00 

18. Isiuzo- N6,641,000.00 

19. Nkanu east- N7,080,000.00 

20. Nkanu west- N9,695,000.00 

21. Nsukka- N15,346,000.00 

22. Oji river- N7,642,000.00 

23. Udenu- N9,032,000.00 

24. Udi- N11,628,000.00 

25. Uzo Uwani – N7,436,000.00 

Sub-Total: N165,378,000.00 

26. In addition to the above, at the same time and venue, Dr Chukwuemeka Ujam, in the company of his local government Chairman of Nkanu West received the sum of N29,800,000.00 as special intervention to facilitate his election in Nkanu East and west. While Chime Oji in the company of his local government chairman received the sum of N42,600,000.00 to facilitate his election in Enugu North and south. Following our previous invitation to your office, we promised to have a meeting and come up with ways to resolve this problem.

The former Governor called a meeting shortly after this promise and in attendance were Gov. Sullivan, all members of the House of Assembly , myself, Prof Nebo, Prof Ogbu, Coc Egumgbe, Ikeje Asogwa, Joe Mmamel, Victor Atuonwu, Emeka Ujam, Chime Oji, Dr. Uzo, Chief Security Officer – Mr Ogarabe, present PDP Chairman etc. At this meeting I narrated the whole incident as stated above just to refresh their minds after which they all admitted to have received the funds as disbursed by Gov. Sullivan directly to them. Sullivan then apologized for not handling the matter well and admitted he disbursed the funds/

I stood up and informed everybody present that I was given Gov. Sullivan’s statement to read at the EFCC office and that his statement pointed out that he knew nothing about disbursements of the funds and claimed falsely that I disbursed the funds. In response, he denied writing such statement and urged us all to make our private investigations and that if we find out that he said I disbursed the funds, that we should never Speak to him again. I thought that after that meeting, he would visit your office to correct the impression, make appropriate corrections to his statement, and set the records straight.  

Unfortunately that did not happen. It is against this backdrop, that I took the decision to narrate to you all that I know concerning the campaign funds. 

Also find below names of some of the INEC officials that received this money. 

27. EOS’s- Ogbodo Gloria – Enugu south 

28. Eze Susan – Enugu North 

29. Chigbo Francis- Isiuzo 

30. Chukwuemeka Okorie- Igbo eze South 

31. Obiani Felicia-Nkanu East 

32. Emenibe Chima-Igbo eze North 

33. Onoh Emma Ezike-Ezeagu 

34. Chika Ogba-Ezeagu 

35. Omeje Nkechi-Isiuzo 

36. Onoyima Maria -Agwu 

37. Amobi Priscilla – Agwu 

38. Nwodo Nkechi-Isiuzo 

39. Edna ukeh- Nkanu west 

40. Chichi Egbu- Oji 

41. Nzeribe Emmanuel – 

42. Eke Donstan-Udenu 

43. Nkem Nwankwo 

44. Benji Nweze 

45. Nkechi Eze 

46. Egwugwu Victor – Enugu South 

47. Cecilia Ejimofor-Enugu East 

48. Ik Eluogu- Enugu East 

49. Agini Silvia-Enugu East 

50. Ngozi Onyeye- Udi 

51. Pius Eze-Admin Udi 

52.  Chukwuani Bukola-Udi 

53. Chukwuani Gab- igboetiti 

54. Joan Udenu- 1 million Electoral officer

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