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George Uboh Writes Buhari, Exposes Massive Corruption Inside EFCC


The Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security Systems (PASS), Dr. George Uboh has, March 30, 2017, written an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari in a bid to fight corruption to a standstill.

Dr. Uboh, it could be recalled, blew the whistle on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]’s stealing and failure to remit the N1.993 Trillion Naira.

In the letter, Uboh, who described himself as the foremost whistleblower in Nigeria, recounted his efforts to fight corruption using state-of-the-art technology.

He reminded how PASS sent several petitions to the President, DSS, NSA, IGP, PSC, SGPS, Senate etc. on EFCC’S stealing and corruption.

He also stated that he performed the herculean and risky tasks of whistleblowing without compensation and has faced physical, spiritual and cyber dangers fighting corruption.

He assured Mr. President that if he could grant him the sought-for audience, he can easily recover 20 Trillion Naira stolen funds in Nigeria.

Finally, to drive his point home, Dr. Uboh said he is willing to waive his right to trial and willingly submit himself to prison to serve 5 years if any document he tenders is fake, adulterated or manipulated. 

Read below the Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari:

Your Excellency Sir,

Patriotic Services George Uboh has Performed for Nigeria without Compensation; Post-Service Vindications; Request for Appointment to Present Evidence and Unveil Blueprint

I, Dr. George Uboh, the undersigned Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security Systems (hereinafter referred to as PASS) Limited under which the herculean and uncompensated tasks below were performed, state unequivocally that I am the author of this “open letter”.

I am the foremost whistleblower in Nigeria who drafted the whistleblower protection bill that has passed second reading at the Senate, I have suffered immense adverse treatment for blowing the whistle against the EFCC, inter alia.

I founded, after the government embraced whistleblowers policy, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (hereinafter referred to as GUWN) to serve as a databank for whistleblowers, fight for any whistleblower who suffers adverse treatment pro bono [free of charge], among other objectives. 

Patriotic Services Performed without Compensation:

EFCC Stole, Diverted and Failed to Remit N1.993 Trillion Naira into FGN Coffers from 2003 TO 2013. 

PASS was a contractor for the EFCC providing security services for the EFCC in 2011.

Despite the fact that EFCC wrote former President Jonathan to release N1.4B Naira to PASS for a second security job, after I received documents of EFCC’s failure to remit N1.993 Trillion Naira to the FGN and diversions, I reviewed same with my partners, stopped pursuing the second contract and severed my relationship with the EFCC in order to pursue the remittance of the N1.993 Trillion to the FGN.  

I raised the first alarm in 2013 when PASS consulted for Bayelsa State to collect funds EFCC stole from Bayelsa State.

On May 18, 2015 Thisday Newspaper published an article captioned “start your anti-corruption campaign with EFCC, Uboh tells Buhari”, in which I listed a litany of schemes EFCC uses to divert recovered funds as a way to alert you on EFCC before your resumption of office.

In June/July, 2015 PASS sent several petitions to the President, DSS, NSA, IGP, PSC, SGPS, Senate etc. on EFCC’S stealing and failure to remit the N1.993 Trillion Naira.

The Senate called for a hearing on PASS petition before the Ethics Committee on August 26, 2015 during which EFCC Chairman refused to appear and refused to appear two subsequent times before his sack on or about November 9, 2015.

The Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary (SGPS) of the Ministry of Justice via a letter addressed to PASS on October 8, 2015 posited that he has directed the EFCC to respond to PASS allegations and forward same to the SGPS.

Till date the EFCC has not responded, despite the fact that the Ministry of Justice supervises the EFCC.

I have appeared on several Radio and TV shows, met with anyone that matters in Nigeria to agitate for the return of these funds, showed and disseminated the evidence of the unremitted N1.993 Trillion Naira, because these funds belong to Nigeria and Nigerians hence the matter concerns all Nigerians.


Mrs. Farida Waziri, former EFCC Chairperson came out on December 3, 2016 as widely reported in several newspapers to accuse her predecessor Nuhu Ribadu to account for the Billions of Naira he recovered without documentation. Waziri was right! 

Evidence in our possession shows that Waziri documented most of her recoveries/stealing while Ribadu did not document most of his recoveries/stealing.

Ibrahim Magu on March 15, 2017 during his Senate confirmation hearing was asked how much the EFCC has recovered? Magu said he did not know the figure. It should be noted that EFCC was started by the trio of Ribadu, Lamorde and Magu in 2003.        

PASS Traced Aggregate of N324 Billion Naira within 27 days during Engagement by the FGN.

In my May 9, 2016 “OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT” published in leadership newspaper, I averred that PASS traced aggregate of N324 Billion Naira within 27 days (February-March, 2016) during our engagement by the Attorney-General, opining that most of the funds/accounts we traced were TSA funds…

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