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Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

In an attempt to re-establish democracy in Gambia, President Adama Barrow has ordered that the chief intelligence officer in Yahya Jammeh reign be charged for murder.

The head of the Gambian National Intelligence Agency and the chief spy, under exiled Yahya Jammeh  was on Thursday charged before a Banjul court for the murder of an opposition youth leader who died in detention in 2016.

Included in the charge list are, Yankuba Badjie and the Director of Operations, Sheikh Jeng, along with eight other officers.

It is believed that the charges were part of attempts by President Adama Barrow to re-establish democracy in the small West African nation, after an attempt to rubbish it by Yahya Jammeh,  

Jammeh caused weeks of political impasse by refusing to accept the result of the December presidential election before going into exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Barrow had released dozens of opposition activists from prison since he took office on Jan. 19, replacing Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the Islamic republic for the last 22 years with an iron fist.

It should also be noted that Badjie took over at the intelligence agency in 2013, with Jeng as his deputy. During their tenure, the intelligence agency is believed to have carried out kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, torture, killings and rape, according to international human rights activists.



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