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Visit for breaking news from Nigeria

Visit for breaking news from Nigeria


Archbishop Ignatus Kaigama, the President of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), has sued for peace and stability as necessary ingredients for national development, arguing that wanton destruction of human lives, will not do us any good as a country.

He said this at a 3-day 50 years anniversary celebration of the Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Maryland, Lagos. 

“Killing will do nobody any good from whichever side it’s coming from; so let us beware. Killing only creates more violence, more tension and only destroys the country that we are trying to build. “When we begin to engage in violence to solve violence we only multiply violence, and the Christian message is very key and very central. “If other people kill in the name of religion, our religion does not allow that as Christians. That doesn’t mean that we should sit down and just allow anybody burn our house, our means of livelihood and even kill us. 

Continuing, “You have a right to self defence; that somebody is threatening your life you have a right to defend yourself legitimately, even in law, even in human and divine law this is allowed,” Kaigama said. The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Adewale Martins, who condemned the recent killing in Southern Kaduna, said life is sacred and should not be toyed with. “Every single human being has a right to life, a right to his life being protected and protecting his own life as well. “It is a fundamental right and therefore every Christian, every Muslim has a right to defend him or herself if he feels threatened,” he said. 

National Spiritual Director of Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Very Rev. Monsignor Philip Hoteyin urged political office holders in all tiers of government to fulfill promises they made to Nigerians during their campaigns. Hoteyin made the appeal in his homily at the closing ceremony at the Sam Ethnan Air Force Base, Ikeja on Sunday. 

He maintained that poverty has gotten to an alarming rate in the country, where most families at the grassroots level now find it extremely difficult to put food on their tables. In his words: “They promised that nobody would beg in Nigeria, but today most people are picking things from dustbins. 

They promised to recover all stolen money but we don’t know where they kept the recovered loot. We are having economic challenges today because of the greed of some people.” Hoteyin therefore charged new members of the society to be carriers of God’s peace wherever they are, irrespective of life’s challenges and impact positively the lives of those they come across.

In his keynote address tagged: “Heart of Jesus, delight of all”, national chaplain, National Council of the Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rev. Fr. Anthony Umoh, urged members to continually promote the perpetual adoration and enthronement of the sacred Heart of Jesus as the delight of the Saints.  



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