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 Inhumanity: Demand For Apologies To Further Humiliate SE – By Carol Ajie

He rephrased it –  from asking South East or Igbos to apologize the learned gentleman now asks for cross regional apologies; read him, Yorubas may now apologize – (as the Igbos perceived them as  traitors and treacherous for the role Awolowo played with Ojukwu) – why don’t you let sleeping dogs look elsewhere Akaraiwe –  rather than raking up old wounds. He said Hausas apologize for  the killings – are they remorseful?  

More Nigerians are slaughtered regularly till now – heard of Nkpo brutality?. Akaraiwe awant Igbos to apologize for causing the civil war?. You may well ask me to apologize to Dele Adesina for losing NBA election to him 2002 office of the national scribe. And also ask Gadzama to apologize to AB Mahmoud for taking him to court  after JK lost the NBA presidential election– unique mediation skills -.  Akaraiwe lead by apologizing on behalf of Igbos  although you may not support the Igbo cause.

Japan apologized for its war crime and atrocities. Did the Tutsis apologize to the Hutus for the latter’s genocidal crimes in 1994?.

Germany apologized to Israel for that Holocaust sir,  the systematic bureaucratic state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

The Jews were  the victims.  Villains apologized to  the Victims.

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