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Did Innoson Group Actually Issue A False Report On GTBank?

By Fouad Musdapher-Alkhali

There has been reports making “headlines” on not a few news mediums in Nigeria; especially private blogs, soft sell websites and other informal platforms which suggests that Nigeria’s foremost vehicle manufacturing company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited deliberately distorted information about a court pronouncement in a matter between it and first tier lender GTBank.
The accuracy of this reports remains to be proven.
For starters, is GTBank actually incapable of indulging in unwholesome practices within the Nigerian context?
This poser can be best responded to by millions of Nigerians who own and operate accounts in diverse commercial banks many of whom have consistently subjected their customers to harrowing experiences which range from outright extortion, multiple charges, all manner of “maintenance” fees to even pilfering of funds for which banks are never questioned.
Within the Nigerian context, even the fact that beyond planting flowers on some streets in highbrow areas, decorating round-about and empowering a handful of not-for-profit organizations most of which have links to senior staff of the banks, the little or no attention given to corporate social responsibility by big players in the banking sector is meaningless.
Notwithstanding what information may be in the public domain, one thing is a clear; and it is simply the truth that GTBank MUST as required by a court pronouncement pay into an account domiciled in another bank (to be managed by the Nigerian Judiciary) a judgement debt running into billions of Naira. If or not any party to the case can exercise control over the money in the interim is an entirely different matter which is not the focus of this note.
While is it may be convenient for a section of Nigerians to adopt a side of the story which is different from the facts of the matter, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited has clearly stated devoid of any kind of any ambiguity and legal gymnastics – on its known website and the social media handle of its group head, corporate communications, Cornel Osigwe what the official position of the organization is.
It is therefore for the records that it is considered important for Nigerians and other individuals to realize that at no point in time was an apology conveyed to Nigerians for distorting any information by Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited as a corporate individual via its official website or it’s only authorized spokesperson, Cornel Osigwe.
Today, Nigeria has secured a strong place on the comity of nations which can attain self-sufficiency in manufacturing of auto mobiles. This has had tremendous impact on a value chain of other activities which aid the major act of automobile assembling and manufacturing.
Currently, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited which conveniently is Nigeria’s “NATIONAL CARRIER” in auto assembling and manufacturing has made it seamless and possible for Nigerians, Ghanaians, Chadians, Nigeriens, Bennoise and even Togolese to own cars made in the continent.
Besides its interest in auto assembling and manufacturing, Nigeria’s Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited has allocated funds running into millions of pound sterling into research and development, training and manpower development with focus on aeronautics which before now was considered mission impossible in the black race.
This feats are testimony of the ingenuity of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited which came as a result of hard work, development of local skills, utilization of local content and most importantly, a deep sense of patriotism and loyalty to Nigeria. It did not come as a result of systemic graft, earnings management and obtaining the property of partners under false pretence.
If these are all verifiable, for what reason could a national assets as Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited and its owner attempt to deliberately distort information when the same information are actually on the public domain and can be sought and obtained without initial recourse to Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited?
While parties to the pending matter have a right to resort to self-help by believing only a twist that serves unknown interests, something is clear and abundantly certain and it is the fact that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Limited, a wholly indigenous player in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector with interests in automobile, aeronautics and foundry did not convey at any time an inaccurate information to the public.
If inaccurate information was never conveyed by the only instruments and individuals recognized and authorized to speak on behalf of the auto conglomerate, it is therefore impossible that an apology will be conveyed.
From a legal perspective, there is no liability for nonfeasance!
Fouad Musdapher-Alkali,
Usmanu Dan-Fodio University,

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