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Insecurity: Nigerian Air Force receives JF-17 supersonic thunder fighter jets

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

As the level of insecurity in Nigeria is getting out of control, the federal government of Nigeria on its part is making every concerted effort to arrest the escalating situation.

JF-17 supersonic thunder jet fighter

Although, many have vehemently criticized the lukewarm approach of Buhari’s government in combating the issue of insecurity.

Moreover, in order to boast its Airforce armory, the Nigerian government has received JF-17 supersonic thunder jet fighter.

Since the war against terrorism kicked off, this is the very first time the Nigerian Air Force has acquired a supersonic aircraft that can perform day and night all-weather air to air and air to ground missions including strategic strike, interdiction.

However, many security experts have said the new acquisition is a welcome development as this will go a very long way in addressing some of the challenges confronting the Nigerian army in their bid to neutralize terror groups.

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