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Interment Of “One Nigeria” Starts In A Few Days

By Tony Nnadi


Conceived in greed, born in deceit and nurtured in violence:

Monster “One-Nigeria” has come of age

Yakubu Gowon has finally confessed that he created the 12 States of May 27, 1967 to undermine, Sabotage and possibly abort the Declaration of the embattled Eastern Region of itself as “The Republic of Biafra” already scheduled for May 30, 1967 amidst unending killing of a Easterners in the rest of Nigeria, but most massively in the North.

Has the time not come for us to inter the Defunct Federation of Nigeria, murdered by Gowon since the day of his Decree No.8 of 1967, to make way for Fresh Protocols amongst Willing, Compatible Contiguities, instead of the blood-soaked pretense of over 51 years that we still have “Federation of Nigeria”?

Is it not most instructive that the very mischief Gowon and his co-travelers of 1967 sought to prevent (i.e. the breaking up of Nigeria), in fracturing up the then 4 Regions into 12 States and seizing, on behalf of a Rogue “Federal Government” the key Economic Assets of the Regions (including the Oil and Gas Assets as well as the Vast Maritime Assets of the Eastern Region), and killing over 3.5 Million Easterners in a Genocidal War it waged between 1967 and 1970 to force Biafra back into Nigeria, finally turned out to be the cause of the demise of the Federation of Nigeria leading unstoppably now to the emergence of independent Units of Successor-States (the so-called break-up)?

Is it not even more instructive that in the absence of a Federation, the Monster of “Federal Government” erected by Gowon over the Unitary Nigeria he created since 1967 has been completely hijacked by his Caliphate Principals who are now on the same kind of Genocidal Mission across his own Middle Belt, Killing the Jukun, Maiming the Tiv, Raping the Berom, Displacing the Agatu in a massive Ethnic Cleansing Operation (as charged by Gowon’s Confederate, T Y Danjuma) being deliberately disguised by that Rogue “Federal Government” as Herdsmen clashing with Indigenous Farming Communities?

The Monstrous Unitary Nigeria Gowon and his Bloodthirsty Band of 1966-1975 set up on the pool of innocent Igbo blood now requires the blood of everyone else including his own People across the Southern and Middle Belt Territories of Nigeria.

The Nigeria that was conceived in Greed, Born in Deceit and Nurtured in Violence has come of age and is now like humongous Man-Eating Dragon whose daily serving of wine must be barrels of human blood.

The War Criminals who banished History from the School Curriculum in Nigeria would now have to join the miserable Gowon (who our Omnipotent God has kept alive to witness the unceremonious collapse of his rickety One-Nigeria) on the confession pew, to explain to the bewildered younger generation of “Nigerians” why their big and greatly endowed Country is failing so very woefully on all indices of human progress.

Instead of running to the coven called Chattam House at every turn to seek direction, the Class of ‘66 must summon the courage to tell their British Principals who led them by hand into and through that Genocidal Campaign of 1966-1970, and who still lead them in the sustenance of the Joint Venture of a Criminal Enterprise Nigeria has been, that the One-Nigeria dummy they were aided to erect on the grave of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria since 1966, is  now heading to its own interment.

The LNC had provided a few glimpses into the kind of confessions that must now flow some more from the dark past of Nigeria, dating back to 1900, but especially the era presided over by Gowon between 1966 and 1975.



There is yet a third one titled: “THE BATTLE FOR THE CARCASS OF NIGERIA”.

Looking at the past and present, it points the Entrapped Constituent Nationalities of Nigeria to a viable escape route from the British-Caliphate Prison the World calls “Nigeria”.

Let those who wish to participate in the Funeral Procession of the Monster and who wish to partake of the Christening of the already emerging Successor-States, digest and widely Disseminate this post as we count down to the Open activation of the Shutdown-2018 Mechanisms in a few days.

For: Lower Niger Congress

Tony Nnadi

Enquiries : -234-810-056-9448 (WhatsApp); Website: www.lowernigercongress.org; FB : Lower Niger Congress; YouTube : Lower Niger Congress

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