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International Day of Peace ~ By Paul Ejime


Today is International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day). As generally acknowledged, peace is not the absence of conflict, dispute or war, but how to manage these inevitables peacefully!

In human history, one commodity that remains in very short supply is the attribute/ability to peacefully manage the triggers and drivers of disputes or conflicts to prevent escalation.

Conceived in 1981 at the United Nations, the idea for the global observance of the International Day of Peace has caught on.

This year, under the theme – Shaping Peace Together – it coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the UN, which itself, is a product of the search for World Peace.

The desire or search for peace remains work in progress, from the level of the nuclear family, to interpersonal relationships, in big and small organisations, communities, societies, nations and the World at large.

Every moment or every year comes with its own challenges, or threat/s to peace, be they terrorism, insecurity of life and property, political instability, injustices, threat to human rights, health and other social issues of wellbeing.

2020 would be remembered for the ongoing deadly COVID-19 pandemic with more than 961,000 deaths from the more than 31 million reported cases worldwide, and counting.

In an ironic equilibrium, no region of the globe has been spared, and both the high and mighty are as vulnerable as the lowly placed in the COVID-19 afflictions!

But in all, as mortals, it would be naive to contemplate a World without disputes, conflicts, wars and other threats to peace.

Instead, we must develop the strong will, determination and resolve to overcome; to turn the anti-peace negatives into an opportunity for empowerment; learning and applying effective crisis/conflict management skills to achieve positive outcomes towards the attainment of PEACE in all spheres of human endeavour.

It is an open-ended task that requires human efforts plus Divine Grace to accomplish!

Happy World Peace Day Everyone!

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