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Introduction to “Does God Exist” Essay is Wrong About Africa

Mr. Ozodi Osuji in his essay asked if God exists and concluded that he exists. It is a subject I have pursued off and on and have not reached any conclusions, primarily because my scientific knowledge is not what it should be. But I have found a comfortable zone to operate from. But it is not the meat of Mr. Osuji’s thesis that I take issues with. It is just the introduction.

He wrote:

the two religions that Africans currently have are Jewish religion! Obviously, this state or affairs is unacceptable to black folks. So, what do they do? Some try to embrace what they call Kemet religion. They fancy that early Egyptians were black and that their religion of Kemet is African religion. I have bad news for such black folks. Egypt is in the Mediterranean world; folks who live in the Mediterranean world are brown not black.  Egypt was not an African civilization; at best, it was a Hamitic civilization. 


I took a course in Egyptology last summer taught by one of the foremost Egyptologists in the country. Current and earlier literature is clear that the Egyptian civilization was African. Even Mr. Osuji admits that Egyptian civilization was a Hamatic one. If so, he should see below. The civilization originated from the south (Sudan) and… It is African. It is part of the fabled Afroasiatic language group.

The Hamitic race seems to have originated in the south and migratednorthward down the Nile towards the delta.

Influences of Geographic Environment  Ellen Churchill Semple 

Ancient writers have written about Egypt. Here are what they said:


The Greek historian Herodotus, for example, described the Colchians of the Black Sea shores as “Egyptians by race” and pointed out they had “black skins and kinky hair.”


Apollodorus, the Greek philosopher, described Egypt as “the country of the black-footed ones”

Ammianus Marcellinus

The Latin historian Ammianus Marcellinus said “the men of Egypt are mostly brown or black with a skinny desiccated look.”


Diop also argued that the Egyptians themselves described their race as black and that there were close affinities between the ancient Egyptian tongue and the languages of Africa.

Finally, in 1974 UNESCO hosted a conference on Ancient Egypt and the conclusion was:

“It is more than probable that the African strain, black or light, is preponderant in the Ancient Egyptian, but in the present state of our knowledge it is impossible to say more.”

The key words in this conclusion are “that the African strain, black or light, is preponderant in the Ancient Egyptian…”It is clear from the above citations that Mr. Osuji’s bad news for Africans is false prophesy.

I do find his conclusion about God interesting:

 “…God exists; in fact, God is the only thing that exists; God is everything there is; nothing exists apart from God. But one must understand what is meant by saying that God is everything there is.

God is a wave of formless spiritual light (thought); it is simultaneously one and infinite particles of light. The wave and particles share one literal self with one literal mind.

Through the various particles of God universes are dreamed of. There are infinite universes.

In this essay, I considered three universes: (1) the universe of dense matter, our earth (2) the universe of light forms, seen when we tune out our earth, also seen after we die, and (3) the formless universe of God, our true self and true home, a permanent self and its eternal and changeless home…




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