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IPOB cannot be run as a dictatorship or in an autocratic manner ~ By Uche-Mefor



Today, I renew these calls which are at the root cause of why I am being called names. Most of these have taken years of being raised in discussions, in writing and meetings but all fell on deaf ears or told that it was not yet time.

IPOB cannot be seen to be visibly going into armed struggle or openly advocating violence for obvious reasons.

IPOB cannot be run unilaterally. There must be a collegiate approach to decision-making because of our unique circumstances and complex nature of our Biafran society.
IPOB cannot be run as a dictatorship or in an autocratic manner. We cannot be calling Nigeria zoo and turn around to be worse than Nigeria.

The principle of command and control has been bastardized and there have been the tendency and disposition to tilt towards systemic favoritism and victimisation of the vulnerable by the principal officers in privileged positions.

IPOB cannot be an all-out Igbo configuration contrary to what we preach that Biafra encompasses and includes in reality a true representation from all the component parts of Biafra (Ibibio, Igbo, Efik, Anang, Ijaw, Urhobo-Isoko-Igbanke, Igala etc). These component part of Biafra must indeed and in fact be seen to be equal partners of the Biafra Restoration project and engaging directly at the decision-making level. There must be due and genuine consultation with our brothers in coastal region (or the Niger Delta region).

There must not be religious imposition on the people of Biafra nor discrimination along these lines.

Every focus and attention must be on the injured, the maimed and the families of our departed brethrens. We must not abandon them.

IPOB must have and maintain zero tolerance culture to discrimination and go against this those peddling fake news against the Biafra struggle.

IPOB must as a matter of organisational policy and responsibility go against gang-ups, cabals, blackmail and lies directed against innocent people in order to demonise, sanction and ultimately remove them.

IPOB must tell the people and be clear its political position. We cannot preach that we do not have anything to do with politics and turn around to meeting politicians behind the scenes either directly or by proxy.The truth is that at the right time, Biafra agitators must be at the centre of decision-making (with reference to the effective government criteria of the Montevideo Declaration among others) in Biafraland (not in Nigeria) either directly or indirectly for Biafra to be restored.This is a requirement of international law from or of us.

If these are why I will continue to called saboteur and traitor, then so be it but all must be sure that I will definitely defend myself.


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