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IPOB competing with Boko Haram, herdsmen, bandits in spilling blood, beheading perceived enemies ~ by Uche Mefor


Abomination (alu) remains an abomination; shedding the blood and the beheading of Biafrans and more importantly Igbo Biafrans on Biafran soil remain acts of sacrilege and crimes against humanity

IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu and their associated many and varied pseudo names and decoys have now assumed the commanding height of the competing statuses as undisputed contenders with Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and bandits struggling to outdo each other in the spilling of the blood and the beheading of innocent people they perceive as enemies.

But get this straight! The Fulani-controlled government of Nigeria cannot be sponsoring bandits and the killer Fulani herdsmen to be killings BIAFRANS and other vulnerable populations while IPOB that recently claimed to be protecting our people turn around to be beheading the same people they claimed to be protecting.

We warned that this day will come, and it is, unfortunately, here eventually. The disappointing silence of the governors, that of the other members of the political class, the elders of thought and the religious leaders in this face criminality leaves much to be desired; and this inaction to secure lives and property has consequently, been responsible to a large extent for these destructions and desecration of our land.

Now, go to the high heaven or hell and come back and advance all manner of ridiculous excuses, the people currently beheading our people in Igboland are not outsiders, they are the people inspired by Nnamdi Kanu’s recklessness; and the ill advise from the bumbling, sycophantic DOS members who are fighting themselves today over power and money; other collaborators of Nnamdi Kanu and by extension the negative, self-destructive ‘’ghost town’’ mantra inspiration from Ambazionia.

You must not be under any illusion, IPOB is now under the control and influence of a faction of the Ambazionian militants. The borrowed AMBAZIONIAN “Ghost Town” mantra is a failed, disastrous and self-destructive , violent campaign in Ambazionia sold to Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB and which comes with extra-judicial murder of those who disagree with them and whom they perceived as ‘enemies’ and subsequently, falsely labelled “saboteurs” to justify their heinous crimes.

This unfortunate misadventure and disaster are what some disorientated and tactless DOS members of the IPOB are poised to unleash on the Igbo part of Biafraland.

Once again, this is a suicidal mission, the consequences of which are the inflicting of pains on the ordinary people of Biafra; strangulation of every means of livelihood; and finally, attraction of the presence of the murderous Nigerian security forces to further militarise Biafraland. These army of conquest who are trigger-happy enough to continue with the enforced disappearances of the BIAFRAN youths and to sustain the campaign of bloodbath.

Every BIAFRAN must know that Sit-at-home is a legitimate tool of civil disobedience which is effectively done through persuasion and not via threats of death to the public but violently and arbitrarily enforcing it by forcibly restricting people’s movement as IPOB has pronounced remains a criminal conduct which has nothing to do with freedom fighting for the restoration of Biafra.

And for the avoidance of doubt, it is an abomination for BIAFRANS—-this time Biafrans of Igbo extraction to be allowing the beheading of their own people; and worst still, the hailing of this evil and its celebration by those who should know better.

Summarily, what the present, not-fit-for-purpose gang members of the so-called Directorate of State (DOS) of IPOB and their collaborators are presently doing is not freedom fighting but criminality. All the violence, the killings of our people and the disproportionate and systematic use of armed force against the civilian population of the Igbo Biafran extraction remain a crime against humanity, and an abomination against Igbo BIAFRANS themselves, Igboland and the sacred land of Biafra in general.

These perpetrators must be put on notice that these crimes constitute a prohibited category in international law, and condemned as atrocious crimes among the comity of nations. In fact, these crimes are essentially within the contemplation of the jurisdiction of the Rome statute of international criminal court.

Biafra can never be built on the foundation of killing Biafrans by those who claim to be their liberators and most unfortunately, on the foundation of anarchy and lawlessness. An egalitarian, progressive and human rights compliant Biafra can never be a reality if the deliberate culture of human sacrifice, the shedding, and the spilling of Biafran blood on Biafran soil and on her streets continues.

The people of Biafra are the victims of the Nigeria’s gross and systematic human rights violations. Biafrans must resist the temptation to assume the status of PERPETRATORS WHILE THE NOTORIOUS PERPETRATOR NIGERIAN STATE NOW BECOMES THE VICTIM. These unscrupulous fellows must stop desecrating the land and desist from denting the image and the sanctity of the BIAFRAN struggle and more importantly the unimpeachable case and compelling argument on Biafra.

If Biafra must be restored, these anomalies must first be corrected, these avoidable, erroneous, unfavourable, negative impressions about the Biafran struggle brought about by the despicable conducts of these people must be challenged and expunged from the consciousness of men and women of good conscience, of integrity and of goodwill through aggressive presentations of facts and enlightenment project of genuine purpose no matter the obstacle and intimidation along the way.

Uche Mefor

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