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 IPOB Condemns Okorocha On Sack Of Cabinet, Calls Him Anti-Biafra Agent


Once again, you shocked one with your inexplicable comment. Let me start by stating that I am no fan of Okorocha’s, so this is not a defense of whatever you said or thought of him; this is a foraying into commonsense, which some of our folks seem to have sacrificed bizarrely. 

That some of us condemned the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu does not mean, and must not be construed as, an aligning with his childish conduct of claiming to be leading Biafranists. President Buhari goofed big time by arresting and locking up an unknown Kanu for merely expressing his opinion; I joined those who condemned the president’s dictatorial conduct, not because I endorsed Kanu’s childish actions, but because denouncing the president’s action was the just thing to do. But for his arrest, I would not have known who he was. I had heard of IPOB before his arrest but I dismissed it as an arrangement of idiots and ill educated unemployed/unemployable youngsters. I was turned off by the word “indigenous” attached to Biafra — it is a stupid construct because indigenous, as envisaged by the UN, is distorted by Kanu and gang. 

Without going around the circle, let me make it very clear that Nnamdi Kanu is no Odumegwu Ojukwu and he is definitely no leader of any reasonable Igbo. If there will be Bifara, we will decide on who leads it; no way shall we allow some youngster, who is even confused as to what to worship, to self impose himself on a great people (as ours) just because he went to jail for running his mouth — not for fighting oppression and genocide as did Ojukwu. 

Kanu’s conduct is becoming annoying and psychotic. He had not been born during Biafra 1, so he has no idea what we went through in Biafra. Ojukwu had no time to prepare for war before Nigeria cowardly attacked us, so the 30-month duration of that war was only on our self defense and our survival from genocide and man’s inhumanity to man. In the next Biafra war we intend to be ready enough to match weapon with weapon, match man for man, and to use nuclear weapon should Nigeria go rogue again in massacring civilians and children. Nnamdi Kanu and his childish gang are trying to drag us into another war without us being ready and I am mortified that, otherwise reasonable Igbo people, are going along with this dangerous childishness.

Who told Kanu and his gang to direct any Igbo to stay at home? Is idleness a craving of ours now? How could we be honoring our fallen heroes by staying at home idly, just because some kid, Kanu and his gang, pronounced so? Upon what authority did Kanu impose something upon the Igbo, who is he and who conferred that authority onto him? As long as we have no Biafra Republic yet, the elected governors of all the states putatively Biafan are the leaders of all potential Biafrans therein, so Kanu and his gang have no right to insult any governor who did not endorse their childish decreeing of a stay at home. 

I don’t like what is going on with this Kanu business, especially now that some of our people’s foolishness, in allowing this boy to float himself as Biafran leader, seems fait accompli. Some deranged idiots are even likening him to Jesus Christ, Ojukwu, Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. This is insanity, for he has done nothing to warrant any sort of recognition. Your berating Okorocha over the irrational utterances of IPOB operatives falls under this foolishness, and that’s why I had to speak out now, else Kanu is foisted as a leader of mine by folks like you. 

We condemned Nnamdi kanu’s detention because it was unjust, dictatorial, and an abuse of state power by president Buhari through the DSS and some compromised judges. To construe the sympathy he attracted while in detention as a conferring of Biafran leadership onto him (I mean Biafra, not his IPOB silly movement) is dangerous and will not be allowed to stand by folks like yours truly. IPOB has the right to canvas for whatever its members are canvassing, but such members cannot impose themselves as leaders of Biafrans in totality — they are only leaders of their IPOB and must no longer demand or impose anything on Igbo people in general. 

Please take careful note of the above opinion because that’s what the Igbo intelligentsia and its SS counterpart feel.    

Nebukadineze Adiele , Organized religion sired irrationality. 

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