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IPOB Educated Genocide & Madness: Madness That Births True Federalism [1]


May I briefly say am a Nigerian flesh and blood, with parents from both divides of South-South, one being Ijaw and the other being a “Delta Igbo”, both parents of blessed memories. 

My dad was a soldier of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, worked all his life at different medical corps, fought three (3) the wars from Biafra, Liberia to Sierra Leone my mom was a major trader, toiling day and night and trying all new things to keep the family going.

Your Excellencies the Nigerian story can never be told from a single view, the pains of the civil war can never be told from anyone barometer, no amount of account of books, and bibliography from all the fighters and survivors of the pogrom that took place will ever be able to change the “Unwritten Truth” about the North, South, East, West, and baseless and hopeless Civil War, that took, place, not even our current Constitution, can change that, it could be through genuine love for humanity and self-perseverance.

Nigeria and Nigerians are growing very impatient, so many people are dying in the IDP camps, Boko Haram are strapping themselves and killing others, in some part of the North, the Middle Belt has taken over the reign of drugs and kidnapping, the West are gradually collapsing their states into Oduduwa state, even forming their own Internal Community Policing and the heavens did not fall, the South-South are shouting to the high heaven of “Resource Control and Human Capital Segregation”, while the South-East are brandishing and reverberating Biafra, due to Capital Segregation, cut across every facet of governance and sensibility in Nigeria.

However, your Excellencies, as stated in my opening paragraph as above, this country called Nigeria is plagued with these stated diseases:

A. Religion 

B. Ethnicity 

C. Greediness 

D. Cronyism

E. Wickedness

These Five (5) factors put together, a national cannot and never be able to grow in a vertical direction allowing both the horizontal and parallel lines to fall symmetrically to the center. 

As a young man growing up and bustling and hustling the streets of Lagos, Warri, Abuja, Kaduna and Port Harcourt, have come to realize that, all oppressed Nigerians are alike and feel the same exact way, about government and governance in Nigeria.

At this point, a veritable sample of opinions from an average Nigerian on the street will suffice all the above diseases and point, as the fulcrum of our country downturn.

Paradoxically, will like to take us through vital memory lane, where I draw the core strength of penning down, one of my strongest and boldest thoughts about the country called Nigeria and its drivers of velocipede called leaders. Yes, I used the word “Velocipede Leaders”. 

With all due respect and with my unreserved apologies make bold to say, “our leaders are like velocipede drivers, they drive modern cars with velocipede driver’s mindset”, which simple means evolving from the excitement of the discovering of velocipede and it remarkable and immediate impact on mankind is still a bug, that is bugging the entire governance structures of Nigeria and the governed.

Thus, rationally, thinking as I am, I also took out time to gun down solution, that should be critical looked at considering A-to-E as above. [End of Part 1]

Written By: Fortizo PEN

To: The President: Mohammed Buhari GCFR 

To: The Acting President: Prof. Yemi Osinbajo 

To: The Senate President: Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki 

To: The Speaker Of The House: Yakubu Dogara 

To: The Chief Judge of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen 

To: The Military Formation and Generals and Commanders 

To: The Ohaneze Ndigbo 

To: His Holiness Cardinal Olubunmi Okojie 

To: His Eminence The Sultan of Sokoto 

To: The Country Called Nigeria

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